• Attention prize winners! In order for us to ship your prizes, you'll first need to fill out a shipping address form. To do this, create a new thread in this board. Only you and administrators will be able to view your thread.

    Fill out the address lines exactly as they should appear on the mailing label. Your name should be the first line and your country should be the last one. All other lines depend on your country, which is why we've left it up to you.

    Select the prize(s) that should be shipped to you. There are also additional fields for Mailbox Prize Pack and Stickers Only Pack recipients.

    Check back later to check your prize's shipment status. We'll add prefixes to your thread for Processing, Shipped, and Needs Update. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  • TBT World Championship is here! Put your gaming skills to the test in many different games either playable on Nintendo Switch or directly in your browser. For more information, get started in the new Welcome to The Bell Tree World Championship 2024 thread, which will explain how to opt-in and join a team.

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