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Thread: Do you like private beaches?

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    I don't enjoy them. I like being able to breed flowers on the beach, so always having to put on a wetsuit in order to access part of the beach would be a huge pain, in my opinion. A couple of my towns have really small private beaches, so I just ignore them.

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    In theory, I think they're cute-- because it's a small little beach separate from the main part, so you can do your own thing with it. Honestly though, it's a bit small to do much of anything with, and for the most part, I pretend it doesn't exist--not because I don't like it, I just never have a reason or interest in going over too it cx
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    I use the private beach to bury the pitfall seed so it won't spawn again And of course, covering it with flowers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemonInator View Post
    I'd love to be able to place something like a deck chair or the hammock, just to make it look like a nice place to relax.
    I've seen photos of what some players have done - ie they make a towel pattern (2 or 4 squares) & place that on the beach.
    I think I've seen more elaborate stuff than that on beaches (I still mean patterns).
    Thinking about it - can you place patterns on the beach - hope I'm not seeing hacked photos. I've never actually tried.

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    I don't really like private beaches. I'm too lazy to swim over there. I'd rather just have walking access to my beaches. I had a private beach in a horror town I was attempting to make. I dug buried fossils and stuff so that it's visible from the cliff. Other than that, I never visited it again. If I remember correctly, none of the two towns I play have private beaches.

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