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Thread: Koi and blue butterfly

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    Angry Koi and blue butterfly

    I am level 42 and have never even seen the blue butterfly, nor have I caught a koi. I've gotten everything else that's rare. So frustrating! 😫

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    I'm lucky enough to have caught everything that's currently in the game Give it some time

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    I haven't found that butterfly either. Nor the tuna or the jewel beetle.

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    I’m level 42 and caught multiple koi and saw two emperor butterflies (only caught one) but I haven’t caught a tuna yet and haven’t seen a big enough shadow

    Wishing you were here~

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    *Awkward cough*

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    Im at level 43 and Ive not seen a blow fish or football fish. In the same boat.

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    im 41 and haven't caught a tuna or blowfish so...

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    Level 41, never seen a Jewel Beetle. I keep forgetting they exist because I caught at least one of the other rares fairly early on.

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    Tip: When you find it and the screen says TAP u better do it fast

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    I've been lucky enough to have caught about 5 emperor butterflies, but for me the koi is definitely elusive (I only have 2).. I think it also depends on where you constantly go to fish/find bugs? I find that I tend to go to ocean for fishing in pocket camp, more than the river. It's also because the fish size is close enough to a common fish that you've probably walked right by it or scared it without knowing.

    Maybe if you keep trying, you'll catch more? I'm not sure to how the logistics work, since day of time/season doesn't affect, it's purely based on luck.

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