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Thread: Modern Town Help?

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    Modern Town Help?

    Hi! I'm working on my second town and I'm really excited- it has a modern theme and I've laid everything out exactly where I want it. So far all I've done is lay everything out and add paths to connect everything- no real landscaping of any sort. Basically I'm looking for insight into what I should do?

    For reference, it has more of a hipster downtown vibe than a straight up urban city vibe with road signs signs and such. However, I'm still afraid to put too many trees/flowers, because I don't want it to look too foresty/rural/non-modern. But because I've maxed out my PWP limit, I can't think of any other ways to effectively fill the space. And I want to fill as much space as I can! I want it to look bustling, not empty.

    I was thinking of making a second character to hold some spare patterns, but I don't know what patterns I would put down. Would water patterns be too rural? Do you guys have any tips/suggestions/possible patterns/landscaping ideas I could use for a more modern town?

    I would appreciate everything so much!

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    I think water patterns would work fine for what you're describing. Use a more structured type with brick or tile on the edges rather than dirt or grass edging. Put them where you have pwps or around the plaza, town hall, retail, etc. Any trees bushes and flowers would have a more downtown feel if they are arranged structurally in neat rows, lining paths, coordinating colors, etc.

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    Bushes and flowers?

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    Yeah, trees and flowers can definitely have a modern city feel to them if you coordinate them by color, keep then in straight lines, surround them with paths, etc. Same with water paths; there are a lot of ones out there that use brick and tile and so don't look super rural (kinda like this one!) Also, even if you don't use a lot of extra patterns, the second character's house could also be good for taking up extra space, especially if you can come up with a theme for them that fits well in the town.

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    I've recently found the DA to a very pretty modern town, maybe it'll inspire you?
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