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Thread: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Friend ID Sharing

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    Looking for a someone to help out, specifically during the event, but in general too.

    I want a regular, active player, who keeps an active market box selling common items at their lowest value, preferably in groups of three.

    The idea is throughout the event all butterflies captured go to each other. I dont pay to play, so dont expect lots, but this way it can be ensured that neither party is giving out loads of butterflies and receiving nothing in return.

    If you fulfil these critera, let me know. Anyone else also feel free to add.

    TBT Username: SierraSigma
    In-game name: Stewie
    Friend ID: 5580 6300 104

    Edit: I think I overracted here. The catch rate is much higher than my first impression lead me to believe.
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    TBT Username: Urchinia
    In-game name: Urchinia
    ID: 9996 6057 061

    I play every day! Looking forward to having more friends

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    I play every day and like to keep my market box filled to help others out! I'm looking for some people who can help me out with the event, I really need those topaz butterflies! I try to always help out with the quarry and give other people butterflies so if you could help out, that would be really nice! (Also when the event isn't on I alternate between keeping half my garden filled with all the types of pansies or tulips so people can come x-pollinate!)

    TBT Username: Frostbite2002
    In-game name: Alycia
    ID:4420 1196 587

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    TBT Username: Redlatios
    In-game name: Sergio
    Friend ID: 5546 9326 621

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    I'm always playing randomly throughout the day and looking for new friends!

    TBT Username: KatieAustin
    In-game name: Katie
    Friend ID: 1837 0689 076

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    TBT Username: Strawberryga
    In-game name: Strawberry
    Friend ID: 78034144897

    Daily player, Active Marketbox, Help Miners, Active Blooms, Water your blooms, Try to be Helpful.
    Please Add me if you are the same.
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    TBT Username: Trix
    In-game name: Trix
    Friend ID: 4539 1287 856

    I'm just looking for friends! : p
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    TBT Username: Purpur
    In-game name: Purpur
    Friend ID: 9565 2365 648

    Most of my friends are inactive so I want to add some more. Helping with the shovel strike, butterflies, keeping all the flowers for x-pollination (outside the rover’s event). Thank you
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    i'm posting here again since I need more active friends
    i still play everyday since the release lmao

    TBT Username: allainah
    In-game name: allainah
    Friend ID: 8431 2427 494

    I always check my friends list to help out with the shovel quarry multiple times a day
    (also i don't understand why some people don't help with this ^^ considering you get 100 bells for each person you've helped who entered the quarry; that's a good way to make extra money)

    I also try to keep my market box stocked with almost every fish/bug daily at 4 for 200
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    Tbt username: emilythestrange
    In game name: emily
    Friend. ID - 5202 009 3718

    Add me I’m on pocket camp loads !
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