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Thread: Critique My Art?

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    Anatomy: 4-6/10 (somewhere in this range)

    - Your general anatomy could use practice. The body looks as if it's a triangle; it get's small at the feet but the head and shoulders are big. The elbow on one arm is pointy, whereas the other arm is noodle-like. The hands are incorrectly placed, and yes hands are hard. I struggle with the hands as well. Also, the position she is in looks off.

    Landscape: 5/10

    - Depth perception. Far things are smaller. Also, the general angle things needs improvement.

    Things that are good:

    -The duck (Scoot? Forgot name)
    -The background colors.


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    Tysm for the feedback

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    Also how do I close a thread? ❤️ It won't give me an option xD

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    i don't think you can close a thread in the museum. just edit your title to say 'CLOSED' or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madii View Post
    Tysm for the feedback

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    Also how do I close a thread? ❤️ It won't give me an option xD
    Report the first post and enter "please close, thread no longer needed" in the report.

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    Ok for me I don't work well on /10 ratings, so I just decided to try show what looks wrong. The red lines over your own drawing are trying to bulk out where her body parts are. Immediately the legs are far too small for the body. On the right I've redrawn the image twice... why twice? because in your drawing you have two perspectives. For her legs to turn this way off her body... well its very odd looking. So the big image is a head on view, using foreshortening on the upper legs (ie they are not visible) to show the legs are bent over the wall, I'd add more detail here, showing the skirt creasing over the legs etc, to show exactly whats happening. Basically even if a pose is hard to figure out from one perspective, that doesn't mean you can selectively change perspective on some body parts, it will just look odd when you do. The other image is a 3/4th view - which I'll admit has mistakes in my correction, I'm just a bit short on time... but you get the idea. Your legs look like the second image I drew, BUT the body looks like the head on view- does this make sense? The whole image has to be the same perspective.

    I'd say if you can, use refs when drawing, this'll make it easier. Also don't shy away from drawing hands! Your hand irl is nearly as big as your face, they're pretty big! Don't worry about them looking goofy, hands take a lot of effort to get right, but getting them the right size is a good goal. In your picture the forehead is also very small, and this looks a bit strange. You're not far off though! I know with this anime style the eyes WILL be big, but that doesn't mean the get to cut into the forehead.

    Your arms are actually close to be the right size! However, look at it your self using your hand, the legs are pretty much HALF the size of the arms... now if your legs were half the size of your amrs irl, you'd have a pretty hard time getting around right? The body is a little long though. Since the body needs to be a little shorter, the arms also need to be shorter, but you understand where the arms go in relation to the hips anyway, so this will be easy for you to figure out.

    Hope that helped a little, sorry if I was rude at all :x

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