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Thread: Is it worth buying?

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    I really like HHD, but I don't play it hardcore so much. Usually I'll do one or two designs a day and generally reserve my playtime for when I run out of things to do in ACNL (after the shops close and when I'm meant to be gearing down to sleep anyway.)

    It's kind of like you have to like playing house and designing things, the arrangement system is spectacular and I really wish they'd allowed for putting things in the middle of two squares like they do in HHD for ACNL because it can really improve the flow of a room (so many times I wish I could put a wreath dead center above my door okay)

    That being said I didn't pay full price for my copy and waited till it had come down quite a lot but I still feel it's a great supplement game in the series.

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    It depends on what you like. It's basically just the house decorating part of acnl, but over and over again. It can be fun, because you're trying out new themes each time, but it can also get repetitive. I enjoyed it at first. Its not as good as acnl.

    If someone asked me to recomend them a DS game, this wouldn't be the one I'd think of, but it depends on preference.
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