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Thread: Is it worth buying?

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    Well it's not worth it at full price, for sure. But I am a huge fan of decorating and the like, and the ability to fully customize, with backyards, locations, and everything, made it appealing enough for me to buy.

    Plus, I've always imagined redesigning some of my villagers' ugly homes.

    It's a worthy spinoff and designing the school and other public buildings is the most worthwhile feature. I found myself sort of disappointed after completing them all and constantly restarted. Restarting didn't make me enjoy the game less.

    Overall, I liked it. It's short, though. Not as fulfilling as the originals, but great in different ways!

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    Wow! I bought it when it came out so I really did forget that it was $40 - I always thought it was 20, haha. I think 40 (full price) is too steep for it, but I DID play it a ton and I still do.

    I think if you're the kind of person who enjoys Sims games for building houses, you'll love HHD. The possibilities are truly endless if you import QR codes and use your imagination. I've played it so much and I am certain that I still don't have some furniture sets unlocked yet.

    It's a must-have for a super AC fan regardless, but if you are more on the creative side then you'll love it. I forget when it came out but I still play it every other day now, and it's almost 2018.

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    I got it ages ago. I don't play it that much nowadays but it's pretty fun if you like decorating things


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    I dusted off my copy this afternoon. I now have a new 2DS which makes scanning amiibo cards easier. Had a fun time, especially once I realized that you can "fly" your character around the house and yard you're designing, lol. (Same goes for the villager who commissioned you. I put Luna into a bed while I worked.) Wish that feature had carried over into ACNL. If you find it on sale and you enjoy decorating, get it. I pretty much use it as a supplement to ACNL.

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