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Thread: Vote for the First Hybrid Pansy Flower Color Debuting September 1st!

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    Vote for the First Hybrid Pansy Flower Color Debuting September 1st!

    Hey everyone!

    Are you ready for a super LIGHTNING ROUND of voting for the next hybrid flower in The Bell Tree's Shop?! I hope you are because there's no time left to stall! This should have been up over a week ago, but uh, the Fair happened and there were other more important things to do!

    So here we are with a speedy poll before September rolls around. As a reminder, we are currently in a year-long process now of introducing the first hybrid flower collectibles to the Shop. Every two months, we'll be hosting a poll to determine which hybrid flower to release first of every type. The winning color of each poll will go on to be released as the newest flower in the next month.

    For the next 4 or so days, you can vote for the chosen Pansy Hybrid flower to be introduced on September 1st alongside the existing common Pansies. Just place your vote in the poll above. And when you place that vote, let's not forget that Pink already won last time.......

    Remember that this is also your last chance to pick up any of the Cosmos in the Shop right now before they disappear next month.

    See you on September 1st!

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    More pink please.

    Thank you Laudine for the gorgeous Christmas avatar!! <3

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    Blue is the true answer to everything, including pansy color.

    And blue roses too please and thank you

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    I voted blue, always been a big fan of blue pansies in-game.

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    purple all the way!!!!!
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    Blue is my fav in game, if only there were pink pansies.

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    down with orange

    blue and purple only

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    BLUE ... like everything else in my life right now
    But, seriously, it is the best colour (for roses too)

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    btw, my pitch to make all the orange hybrids limited halloween collectibles is still open

    with maybe the blacks too

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    blue i would actually want... don't ruin this other people

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