View Poll Results: What was the first AC game you played?

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  • Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

    46 28.40%
  • Wild World (DS)

    64 39.51%
  • City Folk (Wii)

    11 6.79%
  • New Leaf (3DS)

    38 23.46%
  • Other/Spin-off Game

    3 1.85%
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Thread: What was your first Animal Crossing game?

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    New Leaf was my first game.

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    I voted WW, but actually the first version I ever bought was for the Game Cube, but I didn't "get it" and only tried to play one time for about 5 minutes and gave up. My friends daughter got me hooked on WW when I was over there watching her play it. I went out and bought a DS and that game and have been hooked ever since. I then rebought the one for GC since I "got it" now and had so many cartridges so I could have all different towns, same with WW. I have had 3 of NL but right now just have one copy of NL. I have debated getting another copy, but I think I am better off with just one, as I don't really have a lot of time to spend on more than one game anymore.
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    Wild World in 2007, City Folk in 2008, Gamecube in 2009, New Leaf in 2013

    So Wild World was my first.

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    Animal crossing wild world back in elementary school

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    My first was Animal Crossing for GCN. Good memories of rushing to wake up in the mornings before school so I could find all the fossils around town because I knew if I didn't, my dad would dig them up and donate them all under his name. Even as a kid I was obsessed with completionism and uniformity.

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    Wild World.
    Back then, it was the most amazing game.
    NL is missing some of WW's charm, but I couldn't go back. NL is graphically, and content wise, packed.
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    Animal Crossing 1 back on the Gamecube. I remember getting it along with GTA Vice City and Metroid Prime around Christmas 2002. I was hooked and played whenever I was tired of playing Metroid Prime or GTA lol

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    The GameCube AC was my first. I was very young though But I LOVED connecting my game boy to my GameCube to play on the island c: (there was an Island right o.o) My mother was the one who actually got the game.. she originally got it for herself but would show me how to play c: I own a GameCube now but have yet to buy the game I’ve owned every AC game except CF, and so far NL if my favorite.

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    Wild world! Even though I wish I could go back and not delete my first ever town! :'(

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    Wild World! I picked up a pre-owned copy a couple of years ago and never really got into it, because I didn't get the premise. Then New Leaf came out later and I fell in love.

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