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Thread: If You Could Add Any New Species ...

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    I love the idea of bats or lizards. I'm really interested in the idea of insect or arachnid villagers though! Mantises or butterflies would be fascinating. Guess it would be kinda weird with all the bug catching, but we can catch frogs and octopi, too!
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    Love all these ideas. Love mythical creatures and bat ideas the most!

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    it'd be super cool to have nocturnal animals that slept during the day and were active at night - stuff like raccoons, foxes etc etc
    also (like everyone else has said) CRYPTIDS !!! my town is literally called Cryptid, it'd be so good

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    I want dinosaurs.
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    Lizards, dinosaurs, alpaca/llamas as villagers, meerkat, giraffe, oh lots!
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