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Thread: Sports

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    I play very occasionally just some casual pick-up tennis, soccer, or hoops (basketball). when i was a kid I played baseball and tackle football, and I used to play a lot of volleyball

    I watch mostly American college tackle football and basketball, and occasionally the major American pro sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA). I like to watch the international soccer tournaments (World Cup, Gold Cup etc). sometimes i'll watch some pro tennis, preferably the ladies matches, because the points take longer and its more interesting. and I watch the Olympics every two years when they're on...

    I wish to play golf, because I've always been terrible at it (except for the putting) and my dad and grandfather always played. But I don't have the time or money to get lessons/proper equipment.


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    i used to play floorball for like 5 years but i quit 1.5 years ago bc of stuff. i really like the sport haha ):
    also used to do athletics/track/whatever u call stuff like sprinting, long jumping etc. but i only did it for a short time and my anxiety n everything was really bad so i quit bc i had anxiety attacks every single time i went ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i rly like sprinting and high jumping annd w/e But i'm nooot going to start practising again lol

    i dont watch sports it's extremely boring and i honestly do not care at All
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    och i mitt växthus är jag säker, där växer avund klar och grön
    jag är livrädd för att leva och jag är dödsrädd för att dö
    men älskling vi ska alla en gång dö, ja vi ska alla en gång dö

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    I swim, skate and play badminton for fun every now and again.
    I don't watch sports at all unless I get invited to a game. I find them boring to watch on tv.
    I don't really wish to play any other sport tbh.

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    I play soccer (both outdoor and indoor on floor), and beach volleyball.
    I watch soccer, football, and hockey.
    I wish to try astro-yoga. They offer their classes in the fall and I'm signing up

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    What sports do you play? Cross-Country, Nordic Skiing, and Track
    What sports do you watch? Hockey and cheerleading
    What sports do you wish to play and which level you want to play at? I'm considering cross-country but I'm not sure if I want to continue that into my college years

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    I play basketball as a one or two, which means that I typically am the ball bringer. (Nothing else because I'm too short to defend the back as a three, four, or five)
    I watch boxing (merely for Manny Pacquiao) and basketball.
    I wish to play lax and as a junior varsity at the very least.

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    I played basketball in highschool
    I watch nothing really
    I wish to play basketball again. I enjoyed being on a team with my friends

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    I don't play any sports as of currently. I used to play soccer as a child & would play volleyball and badminton non competitively but more as a hobby. I was asked to join the volleyball team when I was younger but couldn't due to lack of time or to fit it into my schedule.

    I watch soccer and occasionally baseball. I would love to watch soccer games in person but I'm pretty satisfied watching on TV as long as it's not American or English announcers. Their announcers' voices lack energy and their monotone-ness bore me. I've fallen asleep to their voices before or have to keep drinking cold water to stay awake, lol. x_x Watching soccer in Spanish is a HUGE difference for me like night and day. I suppose there's more passion and it's so easy to get hyped up watching. I'll say that being there at a baseball game is way more fun and exciting than watching it. It's easier to get energized with fellow fans and there's something great about being in a stadium. I hope to get to watch an international soccer game live one day.

    I wish to play fencing. It's always intrigued me as a sport. It's a shame it's expensive to play sports nowadays or finding the time to find a space to play. Every park in my area is full or occupied no matter what time it is. I'm trying to get back into exercising or playing sports as a hobby but the heat makes it a little tough and I'm really allergic to bug bites. Ah well, it's no biggie. I may try to look into hiking.

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