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Thread: Hello, everyone!

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    Talking Hello, everyone!

    Hello, fellow mayors!

    I'm caelumsixsmith but since that's too long and y'all probably need some time to go through all these letters mixed up together, you can just call me Gabe. I've known of the forum for a while now, but was comfortable enough engaging with the Reddit community. Well, that changed this weekend and now I'm willing to give the whole forum thing a try. Don't get me wrong, is just that forums are usually difficult for me to process :/ It takes a while for my brain to get used to the layouts and such.

    Anyway, Animal Crossing is by far one of my favorite franchises. I can be very passionate about it, more so than other games I play, so I'm happy I can be a part of this community! For the record, I haven't played that many AC games :x My first was WW and I gave AC GCN a try, but couldn't get myself to play it for more than a few hours.

    I got my very first 3DS in March (late, I know) and the first reason why I got it was, of course, New Leaf. Been playing it for a total of 200+ hours now and counting! I hope we can all meet, trade, have fun, and share our passion for Animal Crossing!

    Very nice meeting you all! Hope everyone's having a fantastic week!

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    Welcome to The Bell Tree, Gabe. Hopefully you get used to the layout and whatnot soon enough. But always feel free to ask for assistance if things get confusing, as the community is rather friendly here.

    General Info
    Region: Oceania (Australia)
    Timezone: GMT +8
    FC: 5086-5505-6714
    New Leaf
    Town: Darkholm
    Fruit: Apples
    Mayor: Quinn
    Feel free to add or PM
    My heart and my soul: DevotedHaunting

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