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Thread: Where's the new Animal Crossing?!?!

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    Another thread of another impatient person.

    Just wait like the rest of us..
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    I think that Nintendo is trying to really stretch out their current AC content: they gave us Welcome Amiibo, which breathed some new life into the game, and when the app is released, that will give them more time to work on a big console title. I think we've got another 2-4 years before they even hint at something on the Switch - not that I'm complaining, because it gives them time to make something really great!

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    As much as I love Animal Crossing, I'm content with waiting a little while longer for a new game. I just got a New 3Ds XL so I'm not ready to move on from the 3Ds to most likely the Switch. I also am very occupied with my towns. I feel like I would just abandon New Leaf if a new game came out, and I'm not ready to do that.

    I am excited for the mobile game though. Don't think it will be much, but I'm excited anyways for now

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    I honestly don't want the new game, because it will probably be for the Nintendo Switch, and I would never buy it, I don't like it at all
    But still, it's better that they are taking a lot of time, since it means that they are working hard on it

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    We're never gonna get it :')

    No but in all seriousness it's probably going to be for switch so it'll likely take a while since they're already working on cranking out a bunch of new titles.

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    Not concerned with the next game. I'm still finding new things to do in New Leaf. Just this morning, I started a new town and now have 10 Wolves in residence. Maybe I'll take an axe to Isabelle.....
    I don't want to go on the cart!

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    I'm in no rush for a new AC game. Just started my New Leaf town in November of 2016 and wouldn't want to abandon it once a new AC game comes out for the switch. Although, I have no intentions of purchasing a switch for at least a year, or two...once more games are out for the system and I beat some more games in my backlog.

    The mobile game is probably happening to tide us over some, I wouldn't expect any AC news until 2019 at the earliest.

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    I kinda want a feature that allows you to blacklist villagers. Although I like how villagers move in randomly, there are villagers I absolutely DO NOT want, and I usually get those ones :') Also, higher villager max. Ten spaces is not enough

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    I don't really mind when they come out with a new game. I just want to hear something about a new game being made. I understand it takes time. No problem. But really all we've heard of is that mobile app (come on that's it? Like I don't care about a mobile app Nintendo please). It's not like games aren't announced a while before release anymore it's kind of the norm now (looking at breath of the wild for example and pretty much most games now).

    I actually don't think they would have to change a lot? I get that angle but not much changed between say Population Growing and Wild World (yeah new holidays but really it was new hairstyles, making clothes I think, accessories, and more rooms to build) but just an example idk.

    I'd like the mayor part to be scrapped but I think it's here to stay XD

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    Whenever! As long as this isn't the end. I can wait happily on my ACNL.
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