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Thread: Receiving a legendary in Wonder Trade

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    so far no problems. no bans no warnings. just been sitting in my box happily with the rest of legendaries/ubs. its so cute. i cant wait for them to release marshadow in US. i hope it wont be lvl 100 though, its fun to level up pokemon.

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    When it comes to event Pokemon in Wonder Trade, I always see many people not aware of the fact that they require special ribbons which prevent being traded. The hackers are always trading ones with no special ribbon. Apparently the game doesn't check for that? There are very few event Pokemon without ribbons, mostly from Gen 3, though it seems mythical Pokemon from previous Gens are blocked by the trade filter now.
    I once saw someone (not on TBT) think they got a legit event Mew in Wonder Trade. Hardly anyone remembers the ribbons...

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    I got a Shiny Xerneas from a Wonder Trade once! Pretty cool.

    As for Pokemon I've given away in the Wonder Trade, I gave away my normal Xerneas after getting the shiny, and my Mewtwo after moving on from Pokemon X to Pokemon Sun.
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