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Thread: Things You Hate/Dislike About Animal Crossing

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    April 19, 2017
    i don't really hate anything, because i love acnl hehe but things that don't make me smile are:
    1. villagers changing into awful shirts! so many shirts are so ugly please ;;;
    2. villagers turning their houses into fish farms! when they first arrive, their houses are so cute! and then one day they invite me over and BAM! FISH FARM
    3. i think it was just a tiny bit of a design team oversight to let villagers plot wherever they want. for a game that stresses building the aesthetics of your town and decorating and planting outside, they make it awfully hard to have nice layouts. i think it's oookay if you have 10 or 9 set villagers that are your forever residents, because you can work around their houses to make it nice, but what if you want to switch out villagers occasionally just for a change of flavor? there's little to no guarantee that they will plot in the same spot (esp if you aren't using amiibos and are just having natural move-ins), and bam! your orchard or flower garden is ruined! every time you want a new villager, you have to restructure........... that is... unless you plot reset, but i mean.... i'm just thinking if you played the game without that kind of stuff
    4. FISH FARM
    5. i wish we could have more pwps! and i wish that we could have more trees without ruining perfect town status. it would be so cute to have a very very foresty town, but if you want to keep your town perfect, you can't go over 200 trees/bamboo
    6. inventory! i know it got loads better with the secret storage, but i'm a total hoarder, so i've filled that up haha

    i only time travel if i'm plot resetting and i messed up patterning over a certain place and the villager keeps moving there! that's when i time travel back a day and pattern it over safely! also everyone once in a while when i'm desperate for cash and need to order something for someone on the forum
    and i caved a couple weeks ago and bought a couple packs of amiibo cards! i've only invited one villager to move in, but i've used the cards for desert island escape and to get meow coupons and to get npc pictures!
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    The number one thing that comes to mind is how much I hate the letter writing process. It takes forever to write out letters good enough to have a positive impact on friendship XP I'm hoping that whatever this new App does, it allows for us to write out letters to our villagers via our phones. I also hate when they copy catchphrases from one another XP I once had three or four people in the town all with the same catch phrase.

    I reset and time travel. I reset when I want to experience the full game all over again. I've done this twice I think. I time travel when I want to play longer than what one day can really allow, but I only tt one day at a time.
    I haven't. XP I like the card aspect though to bring in chosen villagers.

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    I'd say the only thing that's bothered me would be making my own clothing.. somehow I've felt limited by the template.. would be nice if they could've added like a simplified 3d modeling tool you know for more fancy dresses and such or cosplaying even lol

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    - Gyroids buried in the floor day after rain/snow. I totally hate them;
    - Autumn. I don't like those red/brown leaves and grass;
    - When villagers ask for new greetings and catchphrases;
    - When villagers wear clothes the same color of their bodies, looks like they are naked;
    - Mosquito stinging the mayor and flea on villagers.  94712

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    The fact that I've been playing about since it came out and my encyclopedia is nowhere near done, no matter how hard I've been trying to finish it!

    Villagers: Anicotti, Chops, Eugene**, Hamlet, Lily, Lolly, Reneé*, Shari, Boomer*, Robin*
    *= hate. **=r e a l l y h a t e
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