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Thread: Things You Hate/Dislike About Animal Crossing

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    Quote Originally Posted by gldawn View Post
    I don't know if this is still a thing because I just started playing again after a long break, but I hate when people hold you hostage on the multiplayer island in ACNL. Lost my only chance at a silver axe that way.
    The welcome amiibo update fixed that with a "go home!" Botton on the touch screen


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    The graphics and art style. Compared to other Nintendo series, Animal Crossing games always look poorly made. The art style is the same as it was when the first game came out nearly 20 years ago.

    I hope Nintendo puts more money in the development of the Nintendo Switch version and that it looks at least as good as that AC track in Mario Kart 8. Anything less and it'll be disappointing

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    Let's see... The Gracie fashion checks (it's nearly impossible to prepare for it, you never know when she's coming and there's 4 checks out of at least 12 themes.
    Villager House Placement and Plot resetting
    Placing down paths (a b**** to deal with)
    Getting dreamies
    Getting amibos (why can't you just give us the things without the restriction!)
    Things to do (There is literally next to nothing to do in Animal Crossing unless you time travel)
    Badges (Makes everyone look cool, because almost every one is hard to get)
    Making everything look pretty (are you serious? Fashion is an issue in this game?)

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    Hmm... this is a really hard question. It's pretty much my favorite game.

    Let's see.... villagers moving on top of stuff I don't want them to.... but that rarely happens to me.

    And... hm. Lyle? Yeah. He annoys me.

    That's it.

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    - I miss the journal thing in the GC version. It would basically act as a calendar for you - letting you know in advance for holidays and villager birthdays.
    - I wish Isabelle would just be like, "hey this animal wants to move here, where is a good spot?" Actually I wish we had more mayoral duties, instead of dumping it all on Isabelle.
    - I don't like the rude response to Harriet when she says you'd look good with a boy's hairstyle and you don't want one.

    * I'll "reset" to get the Reset Center pwp, but other than that I don't.
    * I'll only change the time of day that I play, but I won't skip forward or back. Unless I've missed a holiday or birthday.
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    I hate how villagers just place their house anywhere, plot resetting is really tiring and sometimes not even worth the amount of stress you end up dealing with.

    I also hate how there's a 16 villager cycle. I'm the type to get tired and quit playing for a few months sometimes and whenever I come back to see a dreamie has moved... wow. I hate how we have to go through TONS of villagers first before being able to get them back. I understand how they want us to experience each villager or whatever but still. D:

    I time-travel ALL THE TIME because there isn't much to do in just one day, so I don't mind about that.


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    I dislike it when villagers change their mind about moving. Also, I find it that mosquitos bite me every few when it's evening. Also, It's annoying when you trip over because of bad luck. I find rocks annoying when you're trying to do paths, always ending up where you don't want them! Also, when a villager requests a PwP, and you get nothing in return for completing it

    * What do you think about Resetting/Time-Traveling?
    I find Time-Travelling quite useful, eg wanting villagers to move, or to complete a PwP.

    * Have you ever used Amiibo Cards/Figures?
    No, but I'm hoping to get an NFC Reader & some cards soon!

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    One thing that has always made me dislike animal crossing in any way is the limitation of designing your town with trees, specifically cedar saplings and not being able to plant them in the lower part of your town or not being able to plant stuff wherever you want it with trees and bushes without hacking, considering I'm all about creating forest-y natural like towns. Like I want to be able to plant cedars anywhere and to be able to plant a tree right along the river. Trees grow along rivers and I've seen it in real life, like c'mon Nintendo.

    * What do you think about Resetting/Time-Traveling?

    Resetting is so addicting because it's a fresh clean slate given to you, but I have to learn to stay away from it so I don't work so hard then reset all over again for nothing. Time-traveling is also fine, but I think I abuse it too much for when I want villagers out of my town lol.

    * Have you ever used Amiibo Cards/Figures?

    Yes, I have all the figurines except for Kapp'n, Resetti, and Spring Isabelle. And I have quite a bit of cards including 6 Welcome Amiibo but I don't have a lot.

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