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Thread: Things You Hate/Dislike About Animal Crossing

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    June 10, 2017
    My one pet peeve is the house system and where they are placed
    Basically what I'm trying to say is I hate it when villagers *cough cough* Cally place there house on your patch of Jacob's Ladders.
    It's just a hassle to time travel back and forth for a good placement without hacking

    Otherwise it's an amazing game with an even better community <3

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    I don't like that villagers could just leave at any point. No matter how often you talk to them or how many requests you accept and complete, they could just leave. No built in friendship system makes it hard to care too much about villagers. I remember when I first started playing, Greta was my favorite villager, I adored her and talked to her all the time, but the day she said she wanted to move left me kinda dumbfounded. I was sitting there wondering if I had done something wrong. After that I didn't really care about villagers much

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    DEFINITELY the villager house placement system. I wish we could move the house in the days before they move in!

    I also dislike how long it takes to get PWPs. I can run around my town for hours and get nothing - totally annoying!

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    I absolutely adore the game, but there are a few things that frustrate me.
    1.) Letting the villagers move wherever they want. I like that the new update has helped this issue (they can't move on paths/QR designs now) but still. They're able to place their homes in spots Tom Nook and Isabelle would never let me go! It's annoying when I think I've got my town all worked out in a way that the villagers should have to move somewhere specific - only to realize no, they can move super close to retail!
    2.) Villagers moving out randomly. I get that this is a real time game, and I love that aspect! But my real life consists of school, work, family, and friends. So sometimes I don't get a chance to play for a week or so... I shouldn't be penalized by having a surprise villager move out!
    3.) PWP restrictions. This is regarding how we obtain the PWPs (waiting ages for a villager to suggest them) and the placement restrictions make me sad.
    4.) Tree restrictions! I want cedar trees everywhere, why does the game make them ungrowable in certain areas! I also wish all the cedar trees got Christmas lights :P it would also be nice if I could order cedar/regular trees in bulk!
    5.) More space for QR designs! I want more space! It would just be nice if I didn't need extra characters solely for the purpose of laying paths :P
    6.) Why. Can't. I. Get. Rid. Of. Rocks. Honestly, I hate them. They interfere with house placements, PWPs, and paths. I don't care about getting free bells that much, why can I just keep one around for the sake of finding bugs?

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    Just how boring it can be because there isn't much to do. I have a habit of coming back for 1 - 2 weeks, leaving for 3 months, and then coming back 1-2 (repeat).

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    I hate that there's not enough pattern space. I need lots more.Even 10 more slots would come in handy.

    I hate that New Leaf only allows 8 custom design signs. 10 would be nice.

    Only having 8 letters for a town name drives me crazy.

    I dislike it when people review your dream town and critique every single thing. Your music, your flower combos, your paths, your house is too cluttered or too empty, etc, etc. Theres no wrong way to decorate. Can't people just focus on the positives? We all have different tastes and design styles.
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    Honestly, I hate how RARE it is for certain bugs to spawn (lookin' at you, tarantula) only to have them be almost impossible to catch on top of that. I was up to 3 am, sleep deprived, and had been attacked by the third tarantula i'd seen since they'd started spawning and I just started BAWLING like the giant baby I am lmao...

    I also... have such mixed feelings about the amiibo cards / figures being such a big part of the game now. I'm broke and have a very old original 3ds. I can't afford a new one or a scanner. Let alone the actual cards and figures themselves. I feel like it's sort of an elitism thing now. I'm sure that's not what Nintendo intended by releasing the update, but in every AC related community I've ever been in, that's how it's felt...

    Also dead spots. Can they not. I get why they're a thing, I really do... I just wish they weren't haha.

    Anyway, as for your questions:
    * What do you think about Resetting/Time-Traveling? After the time I accidentally traveled five years into the future and one of my favorite starter villagers moved out, I've been terrified of messing up that badly again. So I don't do it. I don't care if other people do it though. As a matter of fact, my cousin frequently time travels just to make it night time so she and i can go beetle hunting together on her island~ Pretty nifty, I think.
    * Have you ever used Amiibo Cards/Figures? Nope, lol. I guess that's kind of obvious from my above rant, though OTL

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    you'd think for a game that can fit 10 villagers and adds displaying many town projects, there'd be more space... but they made the maps too tiny!! i feel like the original animal crossing had a much bigger map? another thing i miss about the first game is you already knew where villagers were going to move in since there'd be a sign post :-(

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    oh yeah this sounds silly but i feel like the villagers are too nice to the point they lose their personality. i remember how cruel the grumpy / snooty villagers were lol. they'd call you fat and take your stuff

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    I really really really hate how you can't move rocks and how the tools end up taking up a lot of space in the pockets

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    I already posted here once but I have to add that I really dislike the 30 pwp limit. I had no idea that I had built 20 already so now a lot of my plans are out the window, especially for little things like benches and streetlights :/ I wish at least the 3 bridges didn't count towards the limit.

    I agree with tools taking up a lot of inventory space. To save a bit of space I put the slingshot, megaphone, and watering can in envelopes and take them out when I need them, but that means that I usually have to empty my mailbox twice. Which reminds me - I wish we could get rid of letters while inside buildings! When I read the letters in my house (mainly to escape the full mailbox noise...) the option to toss them doesn't appear.

    I also dislike the lack of pattern space. Even with three characters, I'm still going to have to use a one-tile path because I'm using the space for other custom designs. I really don't want to create a fourth character just for paths!

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