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Thread: July Shop Update: New Hybrid Cosmos, Returning Common Cosmos, and Ruby Birthstone!

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    July Shop Update: New Hybrid Cosmos, Returning Common Cosmos, and Ruby Birthstone!

    July Shop Update
    New Hybrid Cosmos, Returning Common Cosmos, and Ruby Birthstone!

    Hey everyone, it's time for the latest updates to the Shop for July:

    • Pink Hybrid Cosmos - 299 Bells, through August 31st
    • Red Cosmos - 39 Bells, through August 31st
    • White Cosmos - 39 Bells, through August 31st
    • Yellow Cosmos - 39 Bells, through August 31st
    • July Birthstone (Ruby) - 299 Bells, through July 31st


    • Lobo*
    • Mint*
    • Leif*
    • June Birthstone (Pearl)

    It's a historic event today for TBT's Shop! After a long and hard fought campaign between Pink and Black (sorry, Orange who?), the Pink Hybrid Cosmos have returned victorious and will be the first ever hybrid flower collectible in the Shop. You can pick up the Pink Hybrid Cosmos collectible starting today through the end of August for 299 Bells!

    As previously announced, the hybrid flowers will all be available with unlimited quantity -- no refreshing for restocks. We want the flowers to continue to be an accessible series for everyone, regardless of common or hybrid.

    Not to be left out though, the previously released common Red, White, and Yellow Cosmos are making a comeback for the next two months as well. Purchase them for only 39 Bells each right now.

    And of course, nobody can forget one of the very best birthstones in our collection with our Ruby birthstone representing July this month. It's available for 299 Bells until the end of July, as you might expect.

    Click here to head over to the Shop for everything in this update. And don't forget to look out for the next hybrid flowers poll to arrive in early-mid August with the great Pansies battle! I'll see you then folks.

    *Please note that the character collectibles removed in this month's update are expected to return at some point in the future.

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    Thanks so much, I'm super happy about this!
    ♥ Thanks a r i a n e for the wonderful signature! ♥ Thanks Hayden for the cool avatar ♥

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    Wow, it's so pretty! Thanks, staff.

    Credits/Beautiful Poetry


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    NOOoooo it's not black :c
    Well, it's kinda cute, so I'mma just say thanks for the new hybrid, staff! (Grr we still need a black flower though, I await a black rose in the future.)

    I love Christmas lights a lot. Happy holidays!

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    Yes, it's very pretty ... Thank you ❤️ ... I would have preferred black (and still do) but I am still happy with my pretty pink new hybrid Collectible

    BIG Thanks to Praying Mantis10 for my fabulous Art Gift!
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    It's really cute though! I can't wait for the roses c:

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    I voted for the black hybrid, but the pink one is pretty nice too! Thank you staff.

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    I voted for black, but the pink hybrid is cool too.
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    Yay more red cosmos flowers Idk if I will be getting a pink now, it's gonna mess up my line-up real bad. Maybe for the sake of flowers though.

    Yes I know you can hide but eh wasting that much when black didn't win.. nah.
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    The pink cosmo looks really cute! I'm glad the common flowers have returned as well.

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