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Thread: Honest Thoughts About amiibo Festival

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    Lightbulb Honest Thoughts About amiibo Festival

    I guess you could say that this is kind of like a review

    Yes, the whole reveal of amiibo Festival (AF) was pretttty disappointing. The whole hype train crashing thing was a big topic among basically all AC fans. Here are my thoughts (review) about the game as a whole.

    After I saw the trailer, I tried to find the good in things. At firsts glance, the graphics were really nice and showed us what a brand new console AC game could look like. Also, the music was charming and fit well. I guess I liked the little scenes that play when you land on a space; they were cute too. But most of all, it was great that AC amiibo figures were coming out. This showed a lot more potential for the AC series as a whole.

    Months later after AF released, I was shopping at GameStop with my siblings. I'm into collecting amiibo and the AC cards, so I would usually get some there. At the store in the "pre-owned" section, there was the big bundle with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. It included exclusive winter-Isabelle, Digby, 3 special amiibo cards, and the game of course. The best part was that it was only $10, with everything factory sealed.

    (Skip here for the game)

    When you first start the game, there's only the main board game mode that is playable. I have no idea where the abandoned island escape mini game comes from. The main game consists of a month you play in, with the number of days being the number of turns. One turn is when each player tediously taps an amiibo to roll your dice, then land on a space to randomly determine the what your outcome will be: happy/sad points, more/less Bells. That is the main problem with this game: randomness. Everything you do is completely random, which means that this game only requires the skill of tapping an amiibo in. It becomes very frustrating after a while, especially since the CPUs seem to get so much more lucky than you. I played a total of 3 games, and I got in 3rd/last in every one. Another big problem with the game is that the rounds take sooo long. You cannot skip anything here. It's just 40 minutes, yes, 40, of the same exact thing over and over again. Tap amiibo, choose a direction, watch a little scene 30 times. The once charming music get very annoying behind all your frustration because of your terrible luck. I tried to not get distracted with my phone or something else while playing, but it was pretty difficult.

    In all, amiibo Festival is extremely boring lack luster. I get that I may not be the "target audience," but that doesn't really change the core gameplay, if you can call it that. If I were to give this game a score it would be 4.5/10. If you find the bundle for $10 or so, definitely get it. Most likely, the game will be sealed and the amiibos were probably used once.
    Share your thoughts below. What did you think of amiibo Festival? Anything to add? Thanks for reading!

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    I also got it for $10 on clearance (for the Amiibo, had no idea about it really) and more or less entirely agree with your review. Its a shame as it feels like it could have been AC meets Mario Party if they had done things differently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuckaiju View Post
    I also got it for $10 on clearance (for the Amiibo, had no idea about it really) and more or less entirely agree with your review. Its a shame as it feels like it could have been AC meets Mario Party if they had done things differently.
    Yep same here. It's a shame.

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