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Thread: Managing multiple towns?

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    Managing multiple towns?

    So, I'll go ahead and admit it; I'm a... pretty vanilla player. In all my years I've only owned my singular digital copy of NL and this is the first time I make a conscious effort to landscape to varying degrees of success (honestly, some times I would like a thorough tutorial course on NOT FAILING). After fighting nail and tooth to get all my dreamies settled in relatively nice spots in town at long last, and while working on the aforementioned landscaping, house enlarging and overall decorating as we go along, I found myself craving... well, more. Mayvale's story-rich narrative is pretty demanding after all, my town map is less than stellar and there's about a million things I would do differently if given the chance now. (Keep in mind that when I started my game I had next to no idea what I might be looking for in a map).

    And thus, I've finally decided to take the leap and bid on a secondhand physical copy of the game on eBay, which I won, which means I'm going to be starting a second town soon. And good lord, does this idea overwhelm me in hindsight... I mean, I'm none the wiser, I still have no idea how to make a town look good, and just managing my newly created three extra characters in Mayvale has proven to be a taxing ordeal. How do I make sure I give them equal attention and that none of my dreamies move out in one or the other? What do I do with my life? Ah, the struggles of a mayor....
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    There was a similar post to yours Two town tips

    I don't know how people manage a bunch of towns. It seems chaotic as hell. I can see the excitement of it but just too hectic for me.

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    I tried to make two themed towns back in the day, and my second ended up being more of a cycling town than anything l:

    I might try again, since my main town is pretty stable at this point but I'm right there with you, buddy.

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    I just have my main town that I play in everyday and then two side towns that I will occasionally play in once a week to see if anyone is moving/buying furniture/etc.
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    i have two copies myself, except the other isn't used for anything other than holding villagers. i think the best way to give them equal attention is to dedicate days of the week to one town and to the other. for example, mondays you check your main town and tuesdays you check your second town. what i do personally since i know i can't always take the time to check up on my second town, is i write down the day i last played on that town. then if i decide to check up on it, i'll usually go in with a new character first so see if anyones moving or has moved. if not, then i don't time travel backwards. but if they have, i do.

    i only really recommend this if you have two 3DS'!! if you don't, it can really mess with your main and your play time etc. also with the new update, the time frame that somebody can move out is 7 days. you only need to really check on one of those days and you'll be fine. anyway good luck with the new town, and try not to burn yourself out too much!!

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    You can have more than one town without playing all of them every day. I have 3 towns total, one that I've had for 3 years (dream address is in my signature), one I got recently, and a farming town that used to be my boyfriend's. I mostly play on my main town and check in on the other two when I feel like it. I have one of the dreamies I want in my new town, so to keep from losing her, I check my activity log for the last day I played, figure out how many days ago it was and go back in time that many days when I load up the game. If you do that, you wont be obligated to check in every day, and you can time travel back to the actual date when you feel like it.

    As for getting better at landscaping, I'd start visiting lots of dream towns in the dream suite for inspiration. The dream address thread is a good place to find developed dream towns, but you'll occasionally stumble upon some really nice ones visiting random towns.
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    This is something I want to do as well, I don't want to delete my town, cause of all the hard work I put in it and I just cant, I might try and get another animal crossing card and make another town. Cause I also never understood about the town layout or anything like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyoopi View Post
    There was a similar post to yours Two town tips

    I don't know how people manage a bunch of towns. It seems chaotic as hell. I can see the excitement of it but just too hectic for me.
    Yes that post is helpful! Honestly if you have a solid pan for each town, dont start them all at once, and stick to a schedule its easy!

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