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Thread: What's your favorite "Junk" game?

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    Ones that come to mind:

    Space Invaders Extreme (and EX 2).
    River King Mystic Valley
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red (GBA)
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    1. HuniePop: I really like what they did with the Match 3 system, but the lewd theme makes it very awkward and you can't really go on to defend the game because the fanbase will never talk normally about the game.

    2. Castaway Paradise: It's a ****ty Animal Crossing for the PC with absolutely no heart or character, but I'll be damned if I don't absolutely love customizing my character, leveling up and decorating my town in an AC fashion. They even made a knockoff Home Designer, so it's literally their only goal to get Animal Crossing fans to buy their products. And I love every ****ty second of it.

    3. Every hidden object game ever: The whole genre is generally seen as junk in my experience, but I absolutely adore the mix of storydriven and casual puzzles. Each game will last for about 3-6 hours and with bundles you can get them for $0,50 or less per game. I own over 50 of them, played like 15 of them so far, and even though the good ones are all the same grim story with the same atmosphere, I'll continue loving them without a doubt.

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