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Thread: HHD Worth Buying?

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    It's a nice little time burner. Gets you out of the monotonous 12-piece set design per room that ACNL encourages. That said, if you don't like designing your house in the main game or you're a masochist (you like being told off by the Cranky, Snooty, Snobs, etc. want to be told throughout 'hmm... I was thinking more of...'), then this is not the game for you (the animals won't complain at all as long as the 3 items they want is incorporated). Nintendo really should have made a demo of this game available cause it's not for everyone. If you buy it, it should only be at reduced price.

    It would have been cool if ACNL incorporated the changes that HHD added beyond just the RVs (choice of skin tone, decorate the front yard to some degree).
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    Only worth if it's $10 or less and you like decorating.

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