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Thread: HHD Worth Buying?

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    This thread has been really helpful for me. My cousin bought HHD and told me it was terrible, returned it immediately for store credit and got Super Smash Bros instead. Honestly that put me off since we have similar taste (and this is whilst I was reading the game's reviews) and I decided not to buy. But I really enjoy decorating in ACNL (sets, sets, SETS I have an addiction) so now I'm looking to purchase HHD once I find the cash
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    I got my copy on sale for 11 bucks, no regrets tbh it's very fun when you actually feel like playing

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    It's depends actually. I bought HHD so I can play with some designing thingy whenever I am away from my ACNL. Lottie is cute but Isabelle is still No.1 to me

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    I love HHD! I use it sometimes to help me design houses in New Leaf, since they share a ton of furniture and customization options. It's just easier to pop in HHD and see what a custom option or hypothetical room looks like in a flash instead of having to visualize it, or look it up online.
    Once I've got a room together in HHD, I take a pic of it, and recreate the same room in HHD. It helps me to not waste time and bells gathering furniture I won't need. Once I make sure to control for certain things, like I won't use the half-placement furniture option, ceiling items, rugs, etc. and use furniture that's only found in both games (no pwp furniture), HHD makes itself very useful for me.

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