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Thread: Have you ever thought about leaving TBT?

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    I did for a long time! I first got Animal Crossing New Leaf when it first came out, maybe 2012 or 2013? Can't remember. I do remember playing it in high school, about up until the time I graduated, and traded it back to Gamestop because I had finished pretty much everything you could do in the game at that time. So I was maybe here for a couple years, left for 4 ish because I got rid of my game, and am now back on because I bought the new New Leaf! I came back because this forum is just so useful for so many things, and people are generally nice and understanding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silversea View Post
    you have to free yourself
    im chained by my account tho
    And remember that bad times...
    are just times that are bad.

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