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  • Peach

    16 15.84%
  • Daisy

    23 22.77%
  • Rosalina

    52 51.49%
  • I like more than one equally!

    10 9.90%
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Thread: Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina?

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    i've always loved daisy because she's so cute. i always played her in the DS version of mario kart as a child.

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    I voted for Daisy. I like that she seems a little more spunky than the other two. That being said, I don't mind any of the three.

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    Daisy has always been my favourite since I was a kid, way before Rosalina was even a thing. I loved playing double dash as a team of her and Peach.

    now when is daisy going to get her own game that's the real question
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    Rosalina is such an amazing character deserving a place in so many games. Though...

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    Peach before she dyed her hair bleach blonde

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    'Member? Anyone? Anyone?

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    Daisy because of that sass.

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    Rosalina is more my style. That girl gets things done while looking fabulous.

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    I love them all but Daisy has to be my favorite, I don't have a good reasoning for it but I just prefer her over Peach and Rosalina. When playing Mario Kart online however, I never use Daisy or Rosalina because lots of people use them online, which is why I'm always picking Peach lol...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MayorAydin View Post
    Daisy because of that sass.
    every time I come to this thread, I keep seeing "that a$$." lmao.
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    peach because of the way she was in subspace emissary

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