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Thread: On What Did You Base on to Write Your Username?

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    had 2 change my username really quickly because i was paranoid lmao so i just chose something and i like ghosts and idk. it was just something i thought of.
    my old username lencurryboy has more of a story. i was like 12 and my friend and i wanted to "roleplay" vocaloid characters (... yes .. but ..,not serious . uh.) on a website that was one of those games where you can walk around and write stuff, i dont remeber the name of it tho. i had to sign up for that website but every username i tried was taken. the website gave suggestions on what you could add to the username so it'd be unique, every single one of them was Super bad (stuff like [username]_xmelon3, [username]stargirl74346, [username]_skateboardxD or whatever. i dont remember exactly the stuff it suggested but lol you get the idea)
    my friend and i were skyping and we were joking about the stupid suggestions. i was getting frustrated because literally no username i tried was working so as a joke i typed in "Lencurryboy". it still didnt work because the was probably not the username like the website said so i never actually signed up for it, but when i signed up for some other site later i used the same name and after that i've used it on a few more sites. it's kinda stupid lmao but it is never used so it's great if i just want to make an account somewhere and don't want to think of a new username.
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    och så odlar jag min rädsla, ja jag sår ständigt nya frön
    och i mitt växthus är jag säker, där växer avund klar och grön
    jag är livrädd för att leva och jag är dödsrädd för att dö
    men älskling vi ska alla en gång dö, ja vi ska alla en gång dö

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    I've used a lot of different names online throughout the years. When I came here I wanted to make up something new and fun. Foxes are my favorite animal and Soda or Pop made it sound fun. So here I'm Soda Fox, in some online games I go by Fox Pop.

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    Mine's because I was constantly invisible to everyone during high school. Like... there were times that people thought I was absent, even though I was like right in front of them. Plus, invisibility is such a cool concept. But "Invisible" was already taken as a username so...I named myself "Invisible again."

    Might change my username in the future, though.

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    i changed my username as it was long and ugly before and now im a fish boúí

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    i wanna hopefully change mine but this is what i ended up using on most sites besides a few other names, lol, i kind of want to get out of using this one though since my other ones are more aesthetically pleasing but i came up with this when i was 14

    but basically i just like the word phantom, a lot of my friends have always asked what the 9026 stands for but to be honest, i just like how those numbers sound together c,:

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    poyo- something kirby says

    onomatopoeia- a word that mimics an object

    poyonomatopoeia! my first username i had on here was sosod1 i think but it was meant to be sosad1 but i just left it lol. i'm changing it one more time though

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    There's no epic story or anything for my username. I wanted a new username, I wanted it to have a word from my old username so I could remember it better and the words Ghost Soda sounded neat together and unique so I just went with that and started using that username for most of my online stuff. d:
    DeviantArtArt BlogMain BlogMyAnimeListColors!3D

    * It's the end.

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    Taiko is in japanese a "big drum". It came from the game Taiko No Tatsujin

    🔥 x x x 🔥

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    It came from my idol, David Bowie.

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    It's my (nick)name. I lack creativity.

    Thank you Laudine for the gorgeous Christmas avatar!! <3

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