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Thread: Worst movie you've ever watched?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberrywine View Post
    how actually dare you ?
    i'm so sorry !!
    imo it was a snoozefest and felt like jk rowling is just milking the cow and running out of ideas at this point
    harry potter was good in its own right and shouldn't have been messed with (books were better than the movies though)

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    there's prob worse but 'sucker punch' comes to mind
    hi u have nice eyes

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    Maximum Ride. The books were decent, but the acting and plot line was TERRIBLE! 80 minutes of my life wasted.
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    Any of those movies "written by 2 of 4 writers of Scary Movie" are pure ****ing garbage. I think they've stopped squeezing those turds out now, but that it took so long for those damn things to die out is mind blowing. Even a terrible comedy can usually scrape a minor s****** out of me at some point (even if it wasn't an intentional joke), but not these cess pools of comedy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    Probably Seed of Chucky.

    Like, Bride was bearable, and if it weren't for that film, Tiffany would never have been brought into it, and I adore her, but Seed felt so unnecessary and dumb.
    Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th basically went the same route of "we're out of ideas, he's some stupid stuff" too. I wouldn't say they're the worst things ever, but definitely the low point of all their franchises.

    It was like slasher movies became self aware that they were stupid and tried to be in on the joke.

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    I remember having to sit through You don't mess with the Zohan with my friend's family and desperately wanting to be anywhere else.

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    any movie starring Adam Sandler

    friends force me to watch them just for spite smh
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    The Fountain was probably the worst movie I could ever watch. It was boring and confusing as hell.

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    Garbage Pail Kids

    I didn't even watch this movie, but I can tell by movie reviews I've seen that it is the worst thing ever. The characters are hideous to look at. The plot is stupid. It's just a terrible movie that should have never been made.

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    Hmm worst movie I've seen recently, Angry Birds or The Storks. I dunno what I expected from these two but yikes!
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    One of the worst movies that I saw was called Dragonball Evolution. It would be great if I could wipe that from my memory. >.>

    Other worst movies that I have seen are: The Last Airbender (That movie left a bad taste in my mouth), Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (There was so much dialogue from what I remembered. Ughh...), and Warcraft (The movie was pretty meh. It was kind of boring to sit through from what I remembered.).

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