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Thread: Old jerk looking for new friends

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    Add me im old[33] i have to fight with my 6yr i can play....i have amiibo so does that mean i can only visit other amiibo people? Also i have added pretty much every one on this thread....plz add me
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    Hey there friends!

    Please add me as well! I'm 23, and while my luck is a generally better for finding videogame friends since I work in the videogame industry, Animal Crossing specifically has been giving me trouble cause it ITSELF is starting to be old as balls... So yeah I'll add everyone on this thread.

    I'd love to have people to play with that would also be up to talk about more adult things but let's be real- wouldn't it be better ot have a semi-private side chat on a designated thread for that once it's set up? Having real conversations in-game is quite hard when all you can type is 4 very short words.

    Also, let's just make a deal; unless absolutely necessary or talking about Nook's extra-capitalist ass, no big-picture politics talk. ACNL is supposed to be chill time, not argue time :P

    Alright I love y'all! Have a great day (gotta prepare for them meetings... ha.... haaaa........)

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