I have really similar experiences! Especially since I grew up with Dsi's and such and it seems I was already late by then since I never have had a SNES or Gameboy or anything. I have way too many fandoms I've been late to and fandoms I have yet to immerse myself in but I know I love. I have way to much to say and I feel like I might explode with words so I'll refrain from speaking my mind especially because I'm too lazy to type it out. My problem is I always have so much to say, but I'm too lazy to type it all out, and when I do I usually forget half of what I wanted to say when the times comes to continue! But yes, I understand how you feel, and people will be judgy, but at least we joined at all! Personally, if I come into a fandom late (happens a lot) I understand why people are judgy but I try my best to catch up because I love what I join so much!! Ah, life is beautiful~