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Thread: YouTube Block LGBT+ Content with New "Restricted Mode" Feature

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlaKGB View Post
    all i was saying is gay/lesbian/straight are sexual orientations therefore they are all inherently sexual. and youtube, for some reason, doesnt like anything sexual in nature. even if it's as innocuous as orientation.
    straight is ALSO a sexual orientation, yes, but it is still very allowed in the new system and videos using the words "straight" have been bypassing the filter constantly. Gay is literally the equivalent to straight in terms of being used in a non-sexual way to describe people. I would POSSIBLY get if it was "homosexual", because "heterosexual" is blocked too, but we are damn well kidding ourselves if in 2017 we think the legitimate term to describe someone who is into the same sex is immediately a TOO SEXUAL 4 KIDS term. My cousin, who is 9, says he likes boys and not really girls, and from my understanding from his parents, he knows nothing sexual and just knows how he feels. In the same way there are many kids who have little 'straight' relationships long before they learn anything about sex, the same goes for bi, lesbian, and gay kids.

    My favorite part of this is that these SAME PEOPLE who want this garbage censorship are the ones who laugh and roll their eyes when they see words like "aromantic or "heteromantic" on tumblr. That is literally the only way to describe yourself under this new system if you REALLY don't want ANY sexuality terms used infront of ya damn kids.
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    stop giving corporations a free pass just because of some convenient excuse like a poorly executed filtering algorithm

    fact of the matter is that regardless of if this an algorithm issue or something more, they saw it as good enough to roll out in the first place. so they are still 100% at fault, no matter what the reason is
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    oh no , sexual orientation has the word sexual in it well i'll be darned

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    but either way i dont really care about this youtube drama. feel for u guys though

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    Why are people still arguing about this

    YouTube said sorry and will change it

    Yes its a greedy org, but this is capitalism, there is no ethics or morals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucanosa View Post
    Lol I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I mean, if you wanna look up LGBT+ stuff, turn off the blocker. If your Lady Gaga or Bowie song ain't up, turn off the blocker. Simple. If you use a school or library computer, use a friend's instead or sneak on incognito if possible? There's ways around this. I'm assuming it's mainly for youngins who spend all their time on YouTube, and they're making sure what kids see is actually safe.
    again, the problem is more with the filter's existence itself. it's discriminatory toward a group of people (the LGBT community) with its mere presence. youtube, a site that has previously stated that they stand with the LGBT community yet suddenly out of the blue filter any videos having to do with even the simple word 'gay' is disgustingly discriminatory toward so many people. i can understand if you don't want your children to see sexual content - that's what it should be used for, but what is so wrong or unsafe about a gay person? i will never understand the homophobe point of view of 'yeah talk about a guy and girl having sexual relations with one another, but omg dont mention a girl and a girl kissing... that's B A D' it makes 0 sense lol.

    the filter poses a problem because not only does it put youtube in a sour light but it also has upset the LGBT video creators and made them feel unwelcome. and it promotes homophobia as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forestyne View Post
    stop nina-ing me ;u;

    A different debate entirely but why PewDiePie? did wsj do this
    he's Offensive and i think many parents would rather have their children watch random minecraft youtubers than pewdiepie who has a reputation for being Inappropriate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucanosa View Post
    Well I understand it, and I also get your concern. Kids should know about sexuality and stuff, but at an early age when they're immature and not the most intelligent? Kids are curious and if they find out about any LGBT+ stuff, they'll want to know more about it. Soon enough you'll have all kids questioning their sexuality, when in reality, most kids are too young to actually truly understand their sexuality and view on love. Like.... you wouldn't explain how sex works to a kid, and sexuality is sorta on the same lines. The kid might have a gravitation towards certain people (say he's gay), but he doesn't know he's gay. Nothing will change the gayness. It won't change or hurt him if he waits, but it can hurt him if he learns too much too early, since, sexuality. It's more so because sexuality regardless of how bad it is, is sexuality. Kids don't need to be studying it. Period.
    if kids want to find out more about sexuality why should they be stopped
    are you going to stop kids who want to learn more about space, their culture or how to make a super cool braid? they dont Need to know that, we should protect their innocent brains from it !!!

    also kids can know their sexuality. kids see straight people everywhere from the moment they jump out of a vagina. why is it suddenly unnecessary and weird to let them watch lgbtq youtubers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucanosa View Post
    This basically sums it up. The part that concerns me though, is that not all kids these days are mature enough to really understand sexuality, nonetheless love. God knows I still don't know my own sexuality, and I don't even understand love completely, but it doesn't really hinder me because I'm fine with waiting till I meet the right person. And either way, giving a kid the sex-ed talk plus LGBT+ rundown is on the lines of as much to learn as a school course.

    The only way I can see the world changing completely and for more awareness and acceptance is by teaching this in more schools at an earlier age, and by teaching it in a way they won't be 'tainted' (sorry, but I can't think of a better term for it), resulting in sooner sex-ed talks, and the world reverting back to the ancient days when kids/teens could marry and start families. But I do agree, kids need to learn this stuff sooner. Modern society isn't perfect and clean though, and kids should at least enjoy their childhood without worrying about what gender they'll end up marrying with, or trying to get off a porn addiction.
    ?? no?? just take 15 minutes to explain what it means, that it is normal ecen tho there are gross homophobes and transphobes, give kids resources if they wanna find out more. it's not that hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple2012 View Post
    Wow! That is really strict. If even searching for "straight" gives you something irrelevant to LGBT subjects and only irrelevant videos to LGBT, then restricted mode is too strong.

    This year isn't a good year for LGBT. Trump undone Obama's executive order on the bathroom debate and has nominated Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (who has little to no respect). And a theater in Alabama refuses to screen Beauty and the Beast because of one character (which I find insensitive). Now Youtube is doing it with restricted mode.
    wait what lmao what character in beauty and the beast?? is it bc of the furry bc lgbtqF ppl are so Bad
    /s but seriously is there an lgbtq character And Dude Wow Alabama Great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucanosa View Post
    This is exactly what I want to see, but I guess it's because of how I was raised as far as why I'm worried about sex education. It might be different for every country, and for different people, but something on the lines of this is what I'd love to see across the world. And less of how I was taught and learned on my own about it. My parents sheltered me, which has basically resulted in me learning more and more about this stuff everyday through social media and online (the way no one should learn it tbh), and half I still don't get. It also doesn't help that my parents are homophobic/transphobic/lgbtphobic, as are quite a few people where I live from what I've noticed, so whatever I am or was is suppressed and replaced with the ideal of 'straight is normal.' Like I said, I think this is mostly a regional issue.

    On a side note, I wonder if the actual YouTube block doesn't exist or is stricter for certain countries?
    it exists in every language but might not work as well in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Cat View Post
    The movie is called "Beauty and the Beast" and there are people who are actually disturbed most by the same-sex relationship in the movie...
    DONT KINKSHAME !!!! kinksters r more oppressed than lgbtq UwU

    no but srsly i want 2 Die dont they dislike the fact that a human falls in love with a ****ing bear guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda1983 View Post
    Because it didn't used to censor LGBTQIA+ content like this? YouTube themselves have acknowledged the issue.
    Fair enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LambdaDelta View Post
    stop giving corporations a free pass just because of some convenient excuse like a poorly executed filtering algorithm

    fact of the matter is that regardless of if this an algorithm issue or something more, they saw it as good enough to roll out in the first place. so they are still 100% at fault, no matter what the reason is
    YouTube, a company that claims to support the LGBT movement, should not be censoring LGBT content that has the right to be on YouTube. If it's not sexually explicit, it shouldn't be censored. LGBT awareness content is not sexually explicit.
    And remember that bad times...
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    Quote Originally Posted by visibleghost View Post

    DONT KINKSHAME !!!! kinksters r more oppressed than lgbtq UwU

    no but srsly i want 2 Die dont they dislike the fact that a human falls in love with a ****ing bear guy
    we uwu they will dominate the world!!11 owo

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