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Thread: What are some of your Scariest Moments?

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    What are some of your Scariest Moments?

    I have had a few experiences that I'd like to share, but what are yours?

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    I mean I don't think I've had too many scary moments...but... there was this one time my mum went into the post office and told me to wait outside. The queue was really long, so I was left alone for a while. There was some dude at the other end of the post office on the pavement outside, and every time I turned around and looked back, he'd taken a step closer to me. In the end, I'd turned around so many times that he was standing right in the front of the doorway, blocking everyone's access to the post office lmao

    I can't remember what happened after that tbh
    If that was me now, I would've confronted him but nvm

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    when i was a 10 i had a small group of friends and we'd dare eachother to do stupid stuff all the time but once during summer we were at the beach and my friend dared me to jump into the murky part of the water. i said yes and just jumped right in, i even swam around for like 5 minutes i was such an annoying smug kid. i was starting to feel stings all over so when i came out i was covered in goddamn leeches. i ran around for like 10 minutes till they were finally off i was so scared

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    My tornado scare

    so yeah, that's the most frightening thing that's happened to me in recent memory. There have been other scary experiences and even tornado scares I've had, but that's the most significant one I think.
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    Probably when my dad got extremely angry at my mom and almost looked like he was going to punch her in the face.
    This was on August 28, 2005, just one day before Hurricane Katrina hit my home state of Mississippi. My mom put me in her car and we stayed with my grandma, aunt, and uncle (who had evacuated New Orleans, where he had been living since 2003) for the next two weeks.

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    I've had a few scary moments in my life, but I'll probably only list two because they're the ones that have had the biggest impact on me.

    I was eighteen years old and living with my roommate (who is now my fiance). I lived in the super shady part of town, but at the time my roomie and I were arguing all the time, so I needed to get out. It was pretty late and I didn't have any friends around at the time, so I just... left. The only thing on my mind was getting a pack of cigarettes and just chainsmoking until my roomie called or I had calmed down fully. About halfway to the gasstation, I realized that I had forgotten my ID. Obviously I didn't want to go back, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get away with trying to get the cigs anyway because I looked like I was only 16-17. So, I just kind of stood there. I noticed a white car drive by, but didn't pay much attention to it. However, it drove by again... and again. Each time they went slower and a group of five guys were looking over at me. I kind of had a 'aw ***** no' reaction because of course my night was reaching that point. Without thinking much, I turned and walked away, pulling out my phone as I did so, and the car followed. I remember calling my roomie and then actually taking the phone away from my ear when they pulled up. I hung up the phone. I'm not sure why I did it. Maybe it was my shaking at how terrified I was or maybe it was because I obviously wasn't thinking clearly. However, before I hung up, I was able to say 'they're following me' and whatever street I was on. The men in the car then basically demanded I get in and let them take me home. I said no over and over before speed walking away. I could hear them drive off, so I took a short cut to a one way street where they passed me again. That's when I started sprinting. I was crossing another street (easily about three minutes from my home by this point) when there were headlights and I started crying because I thought it was the guys again, but no. It was my roomie. God, when he rolled down the window, I actually collapsed. We then went home where I proceeded to have a very bad panic attack. After that, I didn't go out alone at night.

    The next story is definitely shorter and does involve creepy men/almost kidnapping. I was 17 and standing at the bus stop. I can't remember if I had been grounded from my car or if I had already wrecked it. I was standing around with my sister and a bunch of young kids. On my street there were three stops that the bus had to make. I was easily the oldest kid there. So, I'm standing around, listening to music while the neighbor kids play and argue. One of the older kids (maybe 15?) from the stop before us comes up and says that someone just tried to take one of the younger kids. He was about to get into the car when his mom came running out. At the time, I was absolutely terrified because that could have been my sister or a friend? Not to mention, that little boy was actually about to get into the car. Who knows what would have happened to him.

    So, yeah. The second one wasn't as scary, but the possibility for it to turn into a nightmare was there. If that kid's mother wouldn't have stepped out, he would have gotten into that car and no one would have been able to do anything. The first one is still something that terrifies me.

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    I nearly got kidnapped in the supermarket that shall not be named when I was little once. I lost my dad and I was crying, so instead of going to the tills or desk I just stood in the middle of the aisle bawling (I hadn't mastered the "go over to someone working at the store and ask for help like a normal person of society" thing yet lol). I think it was two men or a man and a woman that saw me, took me upstairs, talked to the people upstairs and one of them said they had seen my dad outside to the women working there. So they were about to walk me out of the shop and I saw my dad on the escalator on our way down and I was like "lolol k bye" and they started saying "but you're lost, we saw your dad outside" and my dad was chasing after us and once we got to the end of the escalator I legged it to my dad, he told me off big time and we went home lol. It's crazy to think that if I had gone with them, I could've been dead right now. Scary.
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    There was this lady that was stalking me at the grocery store. I walked down the aisle, made a u-turn down the same aisle, and went down the next two aisles and she still followed. Whenever I suddenly stopped she would bump her cart into me. I couldn't tell whether I was more creeped out because she was following me or annoyed because she kept crashing her cart into my back.

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    I guess when I was young, whem my mom and dad used to argue a lot and sometimes things got really bad between them to the point where they almost got divorced. Thankfully they settled their difference years ago and their relationship couldn't be any healthier! Our lives would be upside down if they had seperated so looking back, I'm very glad things are good now.

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    mine is when me and my mom went trick or treating and it was dark and we were walking down a street and then someone was behind us and there was no one down this street except me my mom and him i turned around and saw him and he looked like he had a body bag in his hand! me and my mom were scared to death and he followed us for a good few blocks until he found a new victim and went after them and then after the ordeal me and my mom ran into her ex husband and we told him the story how someone was following us with a body bag but the idiot didnt believe us! and i was one of the witnesses to it! but the sad part is this is all true and to this day that guy idk still scares the **** out of me like it was Pathetic Joke coming idk if it was Slenderman or what but damn this guy was creepy! :'(
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