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  • I don't really care about him.

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Thread: Who LOVES Marshal??

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    Ahh don't get mad at me but I think he's overrated. I feel like no villager should be this popular, but the people like what they like, I guess. He's far from ugly, don't get me wrong. But I would've never guessed that he would be so coveted by players.

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    he's super cute!
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    Marshal is my fluffy little buddy, and I love him to bits! I really miss having him in my town. He's my only real "dreamie" for this iteration of Matcha.
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    I love ridiculously cute villagers so he's cool enough.
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    never understood the excitement around him just an albino squirrel

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    I had him for a while. He's ok, but nothing special in my opinion.
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    I kind of turned my nose up at him at first, but then I got his amiibo card and was like well let's try it out at least. And now I adore that little floof. He's become one of my favorites now that I've given him a chance. :3

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    I like Marshal, I think he's cool. Him and Julian were two of the villagers that I knew I wanted from the moment I saw them both in screenshots of new leaf, I don't think I ever managed to have him move in naturally the whole time I spent in my first town and I was getting so frustrated haha because I felt like everyone had Marshal but me, and I really wanted him in my town. I never got him in the campsite either, in my first town. He's probably lived in 50% of all the towns i've ever had and Julian the other 50%. I don't adore him, but I do like him quite a bit. He lives near my mayor's house and I talk to him sometimes. I've had him in so many towns that i'm considering swapping him out for Julian though.

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    I think hes over rated!!!!!!

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    He is okay but nothing to write home about.

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