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Thread: Who LOVES Marshal??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Unicorn~ View Post
    Noooooo so overrated! Only popular because all these furry girls think he's h0t or whatever. I hate his face. And his house. If he ever gets in my town, I'd gladly sell him!

    Lol nah, just kidding. I don't like to think of myself as a furry though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneMarshalFangirl View Post

    Lol nah, just kidding. I don't like to think of myself as a furry though.
    I knew you would notice my reply! Just triggering the fans

    But it's really what I think. Whenever I see marshal in the acnl community, I just find girly teenage girls screaming over him. It's annoying.

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    A little disturbed at the thought that some people might actually think he's "hot" LOL he's a tiny, baby-faced, anthropomorphic squirrel... but each to their own I guess?

    Maybe they saw too many bishie gijinkas and can only see him in that way now.
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    In my opinion, he's half overrated and half cool. Sure, he is tier 1 and number 1 in the popularity list, but when it comes to personality and design, he's like, meh. After all, hes just a white squirrel :3

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    「 siúil a rún 」 Yumetsu's Avatar
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    I absolutely love him, considering I'm a huge fan of all things cute ♥
    He's currently my #1 dream villager - if only for that reason. I didn't know he was 'tier 1' or 'popular' until I finally caved and decided to explore the online aspects of acnl aside from visiting friends lol

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    He's okay, but he's the most overrated villager (in my opinion) on acnl.

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    I used to be crazy over him but once I got ahold of him to start living in my town, I got bored of him and now I just look at him like any other villager.

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