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Thread: I bought it!

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Message: :)

    Talking I bought it!

    So, as an avid AC fan since I was roughly three years old, I knew I had to try every AC game at least once.
    I knew Amiibo Festival was a huge flop, so I didn't want to waste 30 USD - 60 USD on it. I saw a guy selling sealed copies for only 10 USD on eBay. He sold 24 so far and all had 100% positive ratings, so why not? It should be arriving Monday.

    I'm hoping I like it also because I have a Wii U that's literally only a Splatoon machine right now and I'd like to do something else on it haha.
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Message: :)
    that's cool! I would buy the game for $10 but I don't have a Wii U. :/
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    Sweet! I know I'm definitely in the minority but I think it's a really cute game. You can customize your board map with PWPs and villagers you want in town. If you have Happy Home Designer and used an amiibo card to decorate, that same exterior house design will go to amiibo festival.

    I've had friends over who said they liked it which shocked me, lol. It's more fun to play with friends but it's still cute and calming enough to play alone.

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    I've managed to find it prime on Amazon for 11 dollars


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    I've thought about buying it as well! It's the one Animal Crossing game I haven't touched yet. Let us know how you like it!

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    How did you like the game?
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