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Thread: do sex offenders get enough jail time?

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    idk about specific cases but i think more sex offenders should be caught and put in jail. 21 years is a very long sentence, that's more than some murderers get i think. i don't think the punishment of the perpetrator can heal the victim. when someone has been abused the damagw has already been done you know?
    what upsets me more is the amount of rapists and sex offenders that go free, the amount of reported sex crimes that aren't properly investigated and also the way that the legal system treat the victims. i get that it shouldnt be easy to lie and say someone raped you but it isnt ok that so few rapist are sent to jail
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    They should be jailed for life and even that's not long enough considering the damage they inflict.

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    21 years is a pretty long time, assuming they serve the entire sentence. It's enough to basically waste the life of a younger offender and practically see older offenders off to their grave.

    Plus I think a lot of people have heard how sex offenders are treated in prison. Assuming those rumors are true (most of us probably don't have first hand evidence of this) it adds a bit more severity to the sentencing.

    Quote Originally Posted by badgrl2 View Post
    the daughter was 16
    Quote Originally Posted by badgrl2 View Post
    done to someone underaged
    Quote Originally Posted by badgrl2 View Post
    (btw this was in the U.K...
    Not that I'm saying it makes it any better, but I'm fairly sure the age of consent in the UK is 16 (correct me if I'm wrong) and wouldn't be classed as underage.

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    definitely not lmao they should be thrown in jail for life, or at least 40 years minimum. if you're a piece of **** and you scar someone permanently you should suffer the consequences sorry not sorry!!1!1

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarzanGirl View Post
    The jail time is not enough. He should be castrated too.
    ^^^^ Make sure they can't touch anyone ever again.

    Not to mention 21 years is one case. A lot of the times sex offenders get way less, just look at all those college athletes (and pro athletes who weren't even punished at all). I don't even think 21 years is enough but in most cases offenders don't even get near that and that needs to change.

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    Also "legal ages" aside 16 year olds are still children idfc if it's legal there, that doesn't make it alright
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    Quote Originally Posted by badgrl2 View Post
    and yeah rather than underaged i meant a non-adult

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    The punishment definitely needs to be more severe in the United States. Regardless of gender, race, wealth, power, et cetera. The punishment's need to be non-partisan.
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    I'm sure you've all heard of Brock Turner the Stanford kid but if you haven't he got like 3 months for raping someone, which to me is absolutely preposterous. I am absolutely disgusted by sex offenders and personally think they deserve life in prison, but I know that isn't exactly plausible. 21 years is not nearly long enough, but at least it's 21 years - but 3 months is just ridiculous

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    In America, it's 30 years. I have a cousin in jail, I don't know if it was for that or not, but I remember my step-uncle saying: "For a sex offender it's 30 years."

    But, I will agree that this is a nasty act. Though I do not have a lot of knowledge on it, I have enough basic knowledge to understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arize View Post
    Oh God, so true. This might be TMI, but a drunk man attempted to rape me on my way home from work. He dragged me behind a car, and luckily he got spooked when I managed to turn around to see his face, and he ran away. I told my sister this, and the first thing she said to me was: "What were you wearing?" It pisses me off. People need to stop victim blaming.

    Yes I believe that the sentence needs to be harsher, but it seems to vary case to case
    ****ing hell. I'm so sorry that happened to you. There really needs to be more respect for victims of sexual abuse and violence. It just isn't right.
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