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Thread: What do you like about The Bell Tree Forums?

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    Question What do you like about The Bell Tree Forums?

    What do you like about The Bell Tree Forums?

    Below is just a few things I like about this site.

    • The layout is absolutely beautiful.
    • It's easy to navigate.
    • The site leaders don't tolerate spam.
    • The community is chill. It's legit.
    • The collectibles are fun to collect.
    • How active it is.

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    I like how easy it is to make trades and get items in Animal Crossing. People are legit and I haven't gotten ripped off once in the game.

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    Not being a social butterfly, the primary reason for much of my stay on the forums has been to acquire items or villagers in Animal Crossing and the occasional Pokemon from the TBT Marketplace. That said, I've been finding myself getting more interested by and participating in the special events that the staff put together throughout the year. While I might not be a notable member, only really having gotten to know one other member to some degree, it seems like a pleasant enough place to visit.

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    The community mostly. Made loads of friends here, lotta good people.

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    i've said it before and i'll say it again:

    best dolls on the internet.


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    Nothing, its terrible...

    What I really like about TBT.

    • The easy navigation.
    • The great staff, you guys and gals are all super kind, thank you.
    • The lovely people here and the friends I've met, hi.
    • How easy trade's are.
    • The WiFi rating system is really helpful.
    • I really like Brewster's Café but it sucks sometimes because some people say stupid things. (Including me, I'm pretty insane sometimes)

    These are just to name a few.
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Message: You know, I haven't felt real emotion in years. Maybe now and then I'll get some kind of warm feeling inside, but for the most part my life is just a cold plastic facade. I think it's because of an experience I had when I was a little girl.
All I knew about our situation was that we weren't allowed to leave of our own volition. Occasionally, a stranger would come in and pick one of us out, and that one would be taken away, usually never to be seen again. The ones that did come back were... broken. Usually, it was like they had something missing, a crucial piece of themselves. We were always in fear of who would get taken next. We did know, though, that they preferred to take the smaller ones first.
I was just sitting with a few other like-minded fellows, minding my own business, when some guy comes into the room. He looks all of us over, he's thinking about something. Eventually, his eyes settle on me. "Yeah, that one," he says. He walks over and just picks me up like it was no effort at all. I find myself unable to resist. He takes me over to another strange man, and they start discussing price. He pays, and leaves with me in his arms. The man roughly tosses me in the back of his car, and starts driving. I have no idea where we're going. I am terrified.
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At this point he comes back into the room. He has a hungry look on his face. My mind races as he grabs me. He starts manipulating parts of my body, twisting and pressing, "getting me ready," he says. I try to squirm away but I can't move. I feel completely immobile. Suddenly, he turns me around, exposing my most private place. There's a brief moment of respite, and then I feel myself getting stuffed. It goes on for minutes, both of my holes filled to the brim. I hate it. No matter how much I hate it though, I can't suppress the warm feeling inside. The warm sensation grows and grows, becoming hot. Too hot. My mind goes blank and I cry out:
And that's when I remembered I was a toaster, and toasters don't have emotions anyway.の
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    -The people definitely, met a lot of super cool guys and gals I've talked to over the years
    -Unpopular opinion, but MAFIA, but it's dead now anyway
    -Collectibles were fun for a while I guess too, and the effort mods put forth towards events
    -Reading heated discussions, drama is fun

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    i like how active it is i guess.
    also their wifi feedback system is a nice touch, it makes it easier for me to trade with safe people. some other sites have adopted this too which is neat
    also the layout of the forums is easy and simple.

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    I like how I got to go to this amazing Discord Chat off of this site. *wink* This site was mainly for me to get Pokémon but now its more of everything!
    Click the Pic to join!

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    This site is everything a ACNL player needs obviously
    The community is perfect
    Everyone's active
    The layout is very neat, how it coordinates the time with the background of the site.
    Just the perfectest website
    Town: Narnia
    Villagers: Cookie, Bam, Agnes, Freya, Lolly, Bob, Stitches, Marshal, Fang, Punchy
    Dream Code: 4D00-0012-23F0 please leave a visit! ^^

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