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Thread: What do you like about The Bell Tree Forums?

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    I like that the forum is based for a game that I love, but provides and allows for us to do other things unrelated to the the forum's main theme or idea? I used a question mark cuz I worded that awfully. Also, collectibles and staff events are great for when the usual thing gets boring. And despite differences, everyone here still seems really rad. Sometimes I dislike the things someone says or does on occasion, but as people, and as a whole, I genuinely like everyone I've ever had the pleasure of talking with on TBT. I definitely talk to people on here more an anywhere else, for that very reason. I think this site attracted a pretty decent group of people.

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    I love how on top of the site the admins are, how easy it is to make friends/trades, and how I actually have a place to talk about the game whenever I want! This is the nicest community/fandom I've ever been a part of. Plus, it's pleasantly active despite all the dead accounts everywhere
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    Definitely The Basement.
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