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Thread: Will I get to design my own house?

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    if you really want to, after you make a house someone requests, you can go back and edit it however you want and they wont care what you make it into. but it will never really be your house, because they will be living in it and you live in the dingy car outside the shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corrie View Post
    For every house I design, I kinda picture it as my own home anyway. Well, except for themes I don't like. XD
    Same xD but luckily later you can come back and fully redesign the house.

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    No, but sometimes when you scan Amiibo cards they only require one specific item or none at all to be in their house, so you could always pretend that's yours
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    I've never had any complaints. I just use the items they request and if I don't like their house I'll change it up straight away since they leave it up to you when you redesign.

    I really wish we could have our own place... I also miss the furniture makeovers from ACNL.
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    I wish you could as well. I will probably redesign the house of someone in the game I don't like to whatever I want lol.

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    I sold the game a while ago because I had stopped playing it, but now I regret it, because I really want to play it again, haha.

    Not having my own home did sort of bug me, but my plan was to make myself someone's roommate once I unlocked my favorite furniture sets. Probably Isabelle. She's a cutie and a hard worker, and polite. She'd make a great roommate. That or one of the Uchi villagers. Big sisters who actually give me medicine instead of just pointing out how bad I look in AC:NL made me love them even more than I already did.

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    I wish if had the option too. Alas...

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    I wish

    As previously said, you can use NPC's amibo cards, because they don't have a specific theme (I think?) and decorate it as you feel fit.

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    funny how there are amiibo cards for every animal crossing character except for villager

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    That's one of the problems I find with HHD. I enjoy the game and think it's a really great idea, but I was excited about designing my own home and going there at the end of the day. Was super disappointed when i found out you couldn't. Oh well, the game is still pretty good and I just customised my favourite villagers house so it looks like I'm there room mate lol.
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