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Thread: Pink Carnation Collectible

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    Pink Carnation Collectible

    Briefly back from a hiatus
    Not interested in TBT, in game currency and items only. You can offer a mix of any of the things on my list so feel free!
    If someone could find me the worth of pink carnations currently and the tbt to in-game bell exchange prices that would be much appreciated so i know i'm not asking too much ^^

    Looking for the following (in excess unless stated otherwise)

    • blue roses
    • red carnations
    • gold roses
    • black tulips
    • blue pansies
    • purple pansies
    • beetle chair (x1)
    • pink lily (x5)
    • butterfly table (x3)
    • Mermaid furniture set (also looking for x3 extra chairs)

    PMs are also welcome.
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