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Thread: Editing a comment makes you loose TBT??

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    Editing a comment makes you loose TBT??

    I had 10 TBT, enough to buy something off someones shop. I had to edit my post because I misspelled something and I lost 1TBT!
    How do i gain more TBT? This is all new and confusing to me.

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    ARGH now posting this thread it says i have 15!!!>

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    Now 9! Im so confused...

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    Just post and be active for more TBT. Don't worry about it slightly changin'.

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    When you post, you gain TBT Bells. When you edit your comment, the original payment is removed and the correct amount for the original replaces it.

    For example, if you made 5 bells on a post with 200 characters, but edited it to 150, you will instead only receive 4. These are not the actual numbers, just an example.
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    I notice you lose TBT if you take away characters on posts you make. Just keep posting and you'll be fine! I'll give you a bit as a nudge forward, though.

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    When you edit a post, you get TBT for making a "new" post, and lose TBT for "deleting" the "old" one. So if you edit a post and make it longer, you'll gain some TBT and lose some, but you'll gain more than you lose. If you edit a post and make it shorter, you'll lose more TBT than you gain depending on how much shorter you make it.
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