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Thread: Favorite Piece of Clothing/Accessory Right Now?

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    Favorite Piece of Clothing/Accessory Right Now?

    What are your favorite clothing/accessory/shoes etc. right now?

    For me, it's a pair of pale pink boots, an oversized green sweater, an oversized dark turquoise pullover, and a gray choker w/little gray beads. Feel free to post photos too!

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    This grey dress I have, the choker I made by hand (hemp I think?), my slipknot hoodie, my baggy grey sweatpants, I too have an oversized green sweater I love, and every single one of my beanies and my snapback. Oh, and my combat boots. I have many other things I love to wear...

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    my blinding white adidas superstars

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    i have this thing about cut out elbow pieces right now haha. bought this jumper a couple weeks ago and i've been living in it! also obsessed with my baby blue doc marten shoes i got for xmas!!!! these are them! and basically anything pink, i'm really into pink lately
    mayor mogof merrily

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    this thread looks like fun ;o

    my soft flannel hoodie which i wear too much and i got from the women's section whoops
    my beanie
    and these REALLY cute polar bear slippers

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    My Sanrio socks! <3 Also my pokémon t-shirt I got for Christmas! (Thanks brother :3)

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    I went to this rock concert in downtown Minneapolis a couple weeks ago. I saw a band called Norma Jean. In these rock show crowds, it's packed, and it gets HOT. You start moving around at all, and you're coming out of that place pretty sweaty. Knowing this ahead of time, I always try to run into a concert with just short sleeves. I live in Minnesota, where temperatures are typically below freezing during December. Well this night, they were sub-zero. Temperature was like minus-10, and it was very, very windy. Which means it's very dangerous to even be outside, for any amount of time. I ran probably half to three-quarters of a mile from my car to the music venue in just that T-shirt, and I swear to God I thought I was going to die if it was just a little further. It was very, very painful. I thought I was incredibly stupid, and will never do that again in those weather conditions. A lesson lived, is a lesson learned.

    I tell you that story lol to tell you that for the walk BACK to the car after the concert, I bought a hoodie from Norma Jean's merch table. It wasn't this exactly, but very similar:


    And I haven't taken it off since. So to answer the original post question: this hoodie.

    p.s. It just might have saved my life on my way back to the car lol

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    Black velvet pencil skirt I bought with some Christmas money
    An oversized denim jacket with fleece lining
    A choker with small sequins attached to it (it's really pretty but I only wear it if I'm going to dress up nice)
    Two plain rose gold rings I wear practically everyday
    My brown snood!! Or infinity scarf? I've heard so many different names for them, but either way I adore it. I wear it practically all the time. :')

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    high top vans, and my band t-shirts

    discord: kassie#7803 - psn: NinjaMas101 - steam: kassie - insta/youtube: moonpunker

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    Boots, Jeans (Black or blue), T-Shirt, unbuttoned dress shirt that matches my boots or a leather jacket.
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