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Thread: How's the game?

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    Real talk? It's a fun game for as long as you're willing to suspend your disbelief. That is to say, for as long as your willing to just enjoy designing homes and occasionally changing up your character. There's not a ton of challenge because as long as you include their requested items you can pretty much get away with making the rest of the house a literal garbage bin, but hey, I'd just get it for the advantage in ACNL:WA. It's a cute distraction, but that's about it (>﹏<)

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    I got the game for Christmas, and so far I'm addicted. It's not one you have to play daily though. I think I'll probably keep playing it obsessively for awhile, then slow down on it after I've built my favorite villager's houses. There's more to do though than I thought. I thought you just created houses for villagers, but you can also build facilities on your main street and when you go in them, you'll see random villagers in your shops and restaurants (not just villagers you've made houses for already). You can talk to them, but they don't say too much like they do in New Leaf. It's still pretty neat though.
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    This game has a lot of satisfying features that I wish ACNL had, like being able to see how a piece of furniture would look refurbished with the press of a button. So cool. And chandeliers and other ceiling decor are sorely missed in my town after playing HHD for a bit. I also enjoy it for the little movies of the animals doing their thing in their homes after it's all done, or the cafe and other public spaces in use. Super adorable. I hope that if they do come up with a new Animal Crossing game in the future, that it combines the best parts of both of these games into something fresh and equally as enjoyable.
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    I love the inspiration I get from it for my own interiors, and the opportunity to step out of my personal tastes a bit and experiment with different styles outside of my home in New Leaf. For me it is a helpful tool to find ideas for my mayor's home. Overall it's cute, and I find the way villagers interact with the public buildings adorable :3

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    Designing is fun! However, I'm super impatient in unlocking all the furniture though, so I get bored easily because I have very limited furniture to deal with. But as you unlock more and more furniture it will be fun designing rooms that you can't do in new leaf. I love love love all the animals interact with the items, especially during the public projects. The dialogue are funny/interesting too.

    Exploring other players designing is interesting too and see how creative people can get!

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    It's great as a game...
    Awful as an Animal Crossing game, unless you extremely like designing houses

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    I got it in the summer and it's okay but it gets boring quickly

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    I've had it for about a week. I love it. It's really simple but it's great if you're creative. Like others have said, it can get repetitive so it's good to pick up and play in short sessions. I recommend it though

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    During the first two weeks or so, it's pretty fun designing the city square. But when all you have left to design is villager houses, it can get a little boring. The cool thing is that if you have amiibo cards and design their houses, that house will transfer over to New Leaf if you scan it in and move in the villager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OviRy8 View Post
    During the first two weeks or so, it's pretty fun designing the city square. But when all you have left to design is villager houses, it can get a little boring. The cool thing is that if you have amiibo cards and design their houses, that house will transfer over to New Leaf if you scan it in and move in the villager.
    Wait, so you can transfer a house design in HH into AC:NL?! :O

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