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Thread: How's the game?

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    Question How's the game?

    Wondering how the game is... Is it fun?
    Checked on Best Buy, and you get two free Amiibo.
    Overall tho, is the game worth it?

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    I plan on buying the game, especially since it seems all villagers can be obtained in there.

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    Guess also for people who plan/can't decide on buying it as well.
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    It's very different than new leaf, since you don't actually walk around and bond with the villagers or anything, it's solely based around design, both interior and exterior of houses. I honestly haven't played it that much, but maybe I'll enjoy it more when I unlock more items and can sorta go free reign on some houses to brainstorm stuff to do in new leaf?
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    You have to reeeealllly like designing homes or it will get old pretty quickly. I bought it and was addicted for around 2 weeks, and then I haven't played it since. Still, I don't regret buying it. I like to have the option of being able to design homes to the degree that HHD lets you Just don't expect anything more from it or you will be very disappointed.

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    it's pretty cute but i only played it on christmas last year and havent rly picked it up since lol oops.. it's really fun though i should probably play it again

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    I really like it :c
    I design 1 house/project a day so the game doesn't get old fast
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    It's a fun game, as long as you're aware that the only thing the game lets you do is decorate houses and buildings. You can't do anything else.

    The New Leaf Welcome amiibo update put some of the HHD features into New Leaf, but HHD still has features NL doesn't. Those include being able to hold MANY more designs, being able to rotate designs (so if you make paths you don't have to necessarily make special corner pieces and such), being able to put things on the ceiling, more house exterior options (walls, doors, roofs), and being able to decorate with furniture outside.
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    I quite like it! I find it very relaxing designing homes for the villagers. Some awesome perks are.. you can change your players features whenever you want, there's loads of new furniture, there's lots of qr pattern space and they can even put on the roof! :>
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    1 day, and i never picked it up again, but i guess its good if you like designing houses and stuff...  57903
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    Played it the day I got it. Was bummed because I learned it wasn't that fun to me. I got to the part where I had to design Carrie's yard and interior of her house where I realized I really don't want to.

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    My husband bought me HHD for my 28th birthday last year (the new 3DS bundle). I love the game and it is fun!, but it can become quite repetitive, since all you really do is decorate villagers homes (inside and out). I usually log in, decorate maybe 2-3 homes, and not touch it for a while. If you are a true AC fan, I think you will like it . I recommend the game to any Animal Crossing fan!
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