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Thread: Should I get it?

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    I wouldn't get it at full price, I personally bought it for $15 with the amiibos... which means the game itself ended up costing less than $10.

    It's basically just a board game. Like a toddler board game. If you like candy land and similar luck-based games and cute little cut-scenes, grab it now for $10 at Walmart. If not, don't bother with it.

    I personally like it, because after my college classes I'm pretty brain-dead. I used to love strategy games, but I'm so tired these days that curling up with some cutesy stuff like this and a cup of tea is quite nice. When my friends and I get stressed we just curl up and play this~ It's definitely not for everyone, but I find it relaxing. It's not worth the sticker price, but totally worth the sale price (if you're in to this kind of thing).

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    I'd say no. It's like Mario Party 10 (same developer) but dumbed down with a bit of Fortune Street and for very young children. This is why we shouldn't let other developers make an Animal Crossing game (in this case it was Nd-Cube, who develops Mario Party. Monolithsoft develops the main-series Animal Crossing games): they will ruin it and make it too kid-friendly. You also need amiibo to play this game. Only buy this game if you are a collector or a die-hard Animal Crossing fan (then again even the most die-hard AC fans hate this game). Otherwise, no... NEVER.

    Or you can be like Chadtronic and buy multiple copies of this game then destroy them to the point where no more copies of this game exist.

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    It may be a cheap way to get the Isabelle and digby amibo plus three a,bio cards for the acnl update so I say GameStop even said they could take out the game and credit 3$ and I could take the a,iPod and cards only I told someone to pick it up for Xmas if they get the chance

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    Check out my Amibo card trading thread in the tbt post office hundreds of cards to trade. Willing to on demand cycle in villagers for you to adopt as my collection is complete. Also will do RV visits for WA and Sanrio villagers just PM me when active.


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    I got it when it was on sale with the Isabelle and Digby amiibo for 10€ (~10,6$). This is definitely way cheaper than buying the amiibos separate. You also get 3 amiibo cards with Rosie, Stitches and Goldie. Even if you don't play Amiibo Festival a lot it will benefit you for the amiibo functionality in New Leaf. Try to buy it when it is on sale though, amiibo Festival itself is really not worth it in my honest opinion.

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    It depends. Do you like challenge, action, things to do? Do you like to watch video games or actually play them?

    This game ia basically a video game cinematic where you tap your amiibo to roll the dice and then you watch. If you want a game where you actually play it, skip this one. It is like a preschooler's version of Mario Party.

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    As many people have said, it's a very casual game. There's almost no thought to it. It can be played mindlessly. It's not extremely enjoyable, as it does get kinda boring quick, but if you like Animal Crossing and have friends/siblings that like it then you'll get at least some enjoyment out of it. The mini games are better than the actual board game tbh...

    If you can get it cheap enough, it's worth it. Surely there must be heaps of preowned ones around, either in a game store or on ebay or whatever. Like the others, I got mine pretty cheap :P As far as the amiibos go, they can be used in here too as well as New Leaf, and in my opinion they're definitely worth collecting.

    It's definitely not an amazing game, but I guess it's up to you~
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    It's definitely not worth the cost you'd be way better off with Mario Party

    It's really downgraded and boring

    it's not a real game all you do is just tap your amiibo figurine and that's it

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    No you shouldn't. If you like board games then you should get it.

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    omg like lol of cors u shood

    itz my fav gam

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