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Thread: Should I get it?

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    Should I get it?

    I mean, most people say it kinda sucks, but...

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    If you have people to play with.. Then sure It's a nice game, despite what most people say o:
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    I say get it. The Wii U is in its final days likely next year, so all these low selling games are going to be in high demand years from now when people try to get complete collections, because copies are hard to come by. Just get it for the investment factor.

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    Ehhh, if you like sitting down and just relaxing then maybe? It's not a very interactive game, honestly. The only thing you do as the player is tap the amiibo on the amiibo spot to roll the die and that's about all as far as your job goes. Of course you do have an objective on every game you play, which is to get the highest amount of happy points I believe they're called. Anyways, regardless, if you have someone to play with and they just want to relax and not do a whole lot or want to just feel good, then sure! It's a very cute game and it'll make you feel good as long as you're not expecting like Mario Party level of competition

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    It can be a nice relaxing game. I personally prefer the mini-games you unlock over the actual gameboard playing.

    Since the prices are getting so low, I'd say that it's more worthwhile than when I bought it at full price.

    You can play on single player, but it's more fun (or frustrating) with other people. I don't play it nearly enough that I'd say it was worth the full price.
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    yes, get it. waste your money.

    (Seriously why is this even a thread?)

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    Honestly, don't. But it's your money, you can do what you please with it. ^^ But in my opinion, i'd save up money for when the new animal crossing comes for the switch ;3  57903
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    I've been playing since I was a teen in 2002. I love this series. I saw this advertised on tv and didn't get it because 1. I don't have a wii poo 2. If I want to do a party game, I stick to Mario Party.

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    I honestly don't believe it's worth it, what with the current MSRP and the fact that amiibo are required. It does come with two amiibo, but then it's really only for 2 players. If you want to play with 3 other people, that's another 2 amiibo there and there's another $26 out of your wallet. btw, love your user title
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    maybe there are positives about it but i don't think it's good enough to love playing

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