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Thread: What scars/permenant injuries do you have

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    What scars/permenant injuries do you have

    Random question but yeah
    I have 2 that I can think of, both on my right arm. One is from when i was shaving my arm and it took out a chunk of top layer of skin. The other is a third degree burn i got when i reached too far in an oven and the oven rack pressed against my arm. ow. Oh yeah theres also self-harm cuts but they've never been that bad so I think they'll fade after some time
    How about you guys?
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    I have a scar on my left ankle from the time I slipped and cut my leg on a piece of metal. I have a scar on my right foot from a cat scratch. I have a scar on my left knee from the time my friend's dog jumped on me and clawed me. I have a scar on my right knee from the time I slipped and fell on concrete. And I have tons of scars on my belly and arms from cat scratches. They were from me holding the cats and they tried to wriggle free and their back feet accidentally clawed me.

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    A have six on my chest for when they had to insert a portacath for chemotherapy and one on my back for when my lungs got infected with pneumonia and needed surgery.
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    I have one on my foot that I think was either a bug bite or a cat scratch that just really didn't heal right and so it became a permanent scar, one on my forehead from when I fell down on some pavement really hard and had to get stitches, and I've never actually looked at the top of my ears but I wouldn't doubt if I had some kind of scar there from a haircut gone wrong.
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    nothing major. one from where my extra thumb was taken away and a slight mark on my face from where my friend stabbed me with a pencil when i was younger.
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    This black mole on my middle finger(dry up blood) after getting it jam in a door till it broke. And then breaking it again in a few kick boxing matches.

    Not sure if this count as a scar but I also broke my leg during my kick boxing matches and also when I was playing basketball. I had to wear a cast. My leg sorta looks a bit smaller compared to my other leg but it isn't noticeable.

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    Chicken pock scar and 1 from a tumble as a toddler
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    On my big toe, no idea how I got it.
    On my eye lid (really tiny) from when I was 4 yo and bumped into furniture.
    On my wrist, aluminium dish
    On my hand, boiling oil
    On my knee, fell off bicycle.

    Most of them are barely visible now. I used to have a big burn on my wrist that stayed for 10 years but it's no longer visible.
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    I have one in the worse spot eveeer! Right in the middle of my forehead. Its fading but you can still tell it's there. Everyone used to ask me how I got it and I told them I was doing something SUPER COOL but in reality, I just bumped into a wall head first. I'm v clumsy(´∀`)

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    i have a tiny mark right across my middle finger when i accidentally cut my finger with scissors, and a big mark right across my back from falling off the bed and scratching my back on a suitcase (that was incredibly sharp in some places).

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