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    What do you like about amiibo festival ?
    why do you dislike? How similar is it to Mario party?
    Should they make a physical board game?
    Can this game in any way be enjoyable??
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    I think they should forget they ever made this game.

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    I've actually enjoyed playing it when I visit my friend who owns it. However... it's not awesome enough to entice me to by a Wii U at all.
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    i have mixed feelings about this game. it's not great but it's not awful either. if anything, it's a way to kill time.

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    I have a question. Why does this game exist? Literally nobody asked for an Animal Crossing Mario Party clone!

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    I think the game's alright, but executed in the worst way possible. First of all, the game is really more focused on amiibo, not the game itself. I dislike how you're really not playing, just tapping an animal crossing figure to your gamepad and watching them run around a town and get hapiness. It's basically just Mario Party, but dumbed down for children. I think if they made a board game, I would like this game 100% more, because there's an actual game. The only way to make it enjoyable is to play with friends. There's no fun if you don't play with friends.
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    I find the game cute and relaxing, but I feel like if they made it slightly more skill-based and mixed it in so that you play the minigames as part of the board game, it would be a lot more fun.
    I think a physical board game could be a bit more fun.
    It is enjoyable to me personally, but many people dislike it.
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