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Thread: New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo Update General Discussion

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    Time to stock up on some more cards! I have a lot of dreamies as cards but I need a few more!

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    The new feature sounds nice, though I already have everyone I wanted so looks like I won't be using it.. But if we do get loads of new furniture, looks like I have to zoom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    RIP Villager Trading Plaza

    !!!! this. despite being a cycler, i'm very excited for this. i hope this feature allows me to move villagers into my town and maybe increase the villager limit to say.. 12.. though it's highly unlikely. i always find myself wanting to have more than 10 villagers in my town. :C hopefully they bring back characters from the previous games too.

    stopped collecting after a few months in, but guess i'm going to start collecting again

    again, super excited for info updates!

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    NOOOO WHY HOLY F*** S*** *********** *********
    Americans and Japanese gamers always get the cool stuff people on my country just get jealous...

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Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Jerry
Happy Birthday to Youuuuu......

and? haha jk 
i know you like this letter cx
    The death of cycling is soon to come
    As a cycler this is bad news to me and to other cyclers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacklist View Post
    NOOOO WHY HOLY F*** S*** *********** *********
    Americans and Japanese gamers always get the cool stuff people on my country just get jealous...
    What's your country? Why wouldn't you get the update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by You got mail! View Post
    The death of cycling is soon to come
    As a cycler this is bad news to me and to other cyclers
    I bought a new cartdrige for cycling only 3 weeks ago... Bad timing
    So petrified, I’m so scared to step into this ride
    What if I loose my heart and fail the climb
    I wont forgive me if I give up trying

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    Hopefully it bypasses the 16 villager cycle. But I doubt it.
    Still exciting news! Hoping for more furniture!

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    [QUOTE=Pixr;6724386]What's your country? Why wouldn't you get the update]
    We would get the update. Problem is, amiibo aren't sold here...

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    this is so exciting omg. i can't believe they're updating NL now that it's so old, but i'm pumped! i have an old 3ds though, so i'll have to buy the card reader...and amiibo cards in general...

    but honestly i think it'll be worth it if we get the chance to have villagers from older games + special characters too! that plus a bunch of new features besides just amiibo functionality (like all the new stuff they added with HHD) would really seal the deal for me.
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    I don't think the villager trading plaza will be any less popular. Not everyone buys amiibo cards, and even when they do, it's hard finding a dreamie in there.

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