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Thread: How often do you play the game?

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    I don't actually own it so the only time I play is when I go to my cousins house. They have a Wii u so it gives me chance to have a look at that before deciding if I should actually get one for myself. As for amibo festival, I not massively keen on it. So I think I've only played it 2 or 3 times when I go around
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    I played everyday, then I unlocked everything, including all the outfits for all the amiibo, so at this point all there is to do is the minigames, trying to best scores and that, so I've pretty much stopped playing it as intensely, and it is just for parties and such.
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    The only time I ever play it is if I have almost nothing else to do and I can't think of anything else to play and my little sister is begging me to play a game with her!

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    We have had the game since Easter and play a couple of times a month now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallenAngel View Post
    We have had the game since Easter and play a couple of times a month now.
    We have the same profile picture.

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    Got the game last month, but I have only touched it to level up the figures with all their outfits. The only thing that would have kept me coming back was Desert Island Escape, but that is now on 3DS so... Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż

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    i haven't played it since like march
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    Usually play it to pass time
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    I only play it very rarely...We've got all the mini games that you can unlock now, so the only other thing is to unlock the character outfits (which gets pretty boring imo).

    I only play it when I'm with my best friend, or very occasionally with my family.

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    I used to play all the time when I got it the Christmas it came out- (like the year it came out- I got it on Christmas that year)- and ever since my stepdad put all his boxes and junk in front of our TV (where our Wii U is), I haven't been able to play it! I can't even find my Amiibo's because of the mess my stepdad has in our living room! @_@

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